KETCHIKAN (KDN) — Due to the recent jump in novel coronavirus cases in the area, and Ketchikan moving to its Community Risk Level 3, the Ketchikan Running Club has decided to forgo in-person participation for this year’s Totem to Totem Half Marathon.

The event, which was scheduled to ran on Saturday, now will be virtual.

The Totem to Totem Half Marathon was ran virtually in May 2020, following the initial COVID-19 outbreak. There was a smaller Totem to Totem race held in-person in September 2020, when risk levels allowed for it.

As of April 30, nearly 150 people had signed up for the half marathon, with several runners intending to come to Ketchikan from out of town.

There were, however, people already planning to run this year’s race virtually — and some already have done so.

For more information, visit the Ketchikan Running Club’s Facebook page.