JUNEAU (KDN) — The Alaska Schools Athletic Association has put a hold on any state competitions scheduled to begin after Saturday. ASAA announced that all state basketball and cheer competitions, originally scheduled to start next week for 1A and 2A — as well as 3A and 4A later this month — would be put on hold until further notice in order to “reduce the possibility of spreading Coronavirus Disease.”

According to Region V President Jaime Cabral, the decision as to whether or not the state basketball and cheer competitions would be canceled entirely should come Monday.

“The latest that we want to get information is Monday, just because … the longer we postpone it … people (become unsure) of what they’re doing,” he said. “‘Are we practicing for two more weeks, or not? Can I go to my spring activity now?’ Because we have so many crossovers, too, who play track or field, or soccer, baseball or softball.”

The Region V tournament, which is currently underway in Juneau, will continue as scheduled. Although, ASAA has recommended that anyone over the age of 60, as well as anyone with an underlying medical condition should refrain from attending.

Region V is the only regional tournament currently in session. The rest of the state is scheduled to begin their regional competitions later this week, although those remain in question, as well.

“The thought of canceling the Region V tournament right now, that thought has come up,” Cabral said. “Everyone is here already, and we’ve already started some games. And so, I think we’re just going to follow what the state of Alaska has put out for recommendations … Whatever keeps the kids the safest, and all of our fans and everybody else that’s come over.”