Schoenbar XC

Schoenbar Middle School runner Conor Pearson makes his way through the playground at Fawn Mountain Elementary School during a cross country meet at Esther Shea Field on Saturday. Pearson won the boys’ race, finishing the 1.6-mile course in 9:50. Photo by Spencer Gleason

KETCHIKAN (KDN) — Schoenbar Middle School closed out its cross country season last weekend. It was the third of three meets this year, with the first two events occuring during school days earlier this fall. Schoenbar’s boys’ and girls’ squads competed intramurally amid the novel coronavirus pandemic.

“Middle school sports are going to be intramurals all season,” Kelly Smith, Schoenbar dean of students and activities, said after the race. “Most middle schools have kind of shut down for activities this year. So it’s good to find things for them to do.”

But despite other middle schools throughout Southeast shutting activities down, Schoenbar still gave out medals and T-shirts to the 38 runners who competed on Oct. 24.

“It’s been a lot of fun,” Smith said. “We had our coaches pick teams; we’ve made tie-dyed shirts. ... We’re just trying to spark interest.”

The 1.6-mile race last weekend was the longest of the season for Schoenbar.

Beginning at the track around Esther Shea Field, runners completed a lap before wrapping their way through the subdivision near Fawn Mountain Elementary School. Runners ran a second lap around the track, and hit the finish line after completing the final loop.

“It was a fast race,” Smith said. “The kids did a great job. We had a lot of fun.”

Here are the complete results of Schoenbar Middle School’s cross country meet:


1. Conor Pearson, 9:50

2. Casey Styles, 10:01

3. Cayden Harney, 10:26

4. Jace Booth, 10:41

5. Rhonel Cadiente, 11:20

6. Amook Bullock, 12:25

7. Simon Milne, 12:49

8. Cameron Guthrie, 13:10

9. Cooper Mas, 13:39

10. Sean Caskey, 13:47

11. Tate Tucker, 14:05

12. Kalani Hauser, 14:30

13. Marcus Capps, 14:36

14. Easton Yoder, 14:45

15. Ace Asper, 16:24

16. Gabriel Abigania, 16:26

17. Zachary Simants, 17:24

18. Torin Dunkin, 21:01

19. Billy Staples, 21:51


1. Carol Frey, 9:46

2. Clara Odden, 10:30

3. Trisha Capps, 11:26

4. Kali MacManus, 11:38

5. Braidyn Young, 11:54

6. Shyla Abajian, 11:54

7. Mylee Gray, 12:01

8. Sage Weber, 12:04

9. Vienna Pahang, 12:07

10. Aspen Bauer, 12:11

11. Chloe Larna, 12:30

11. Gisele Noble, 12:30

13. Lily Pader, 12:41

14. Ahna MacManus, 12:45

15. Addison Lewis, 12:50

16. Ayla Langley, 13:12

17. Kylie Brendible, 13:59

18. Jessica Vo, 14:11

19. Ella Garrison, 14:43

*Results courtesy of Schoenbar Middle School.