Evan Dash

Above, Schoenbar Middle School’s Evan Dash races toward the finish line during a cross country meet on Sept. 18 in Craig. Dash won the boys’ race, finishing the course in 13 minutes, 51 seconds. Photo courtesy of Alex Pennino


Daily News Sports Editor

The Schoenbar Middle School cross country team has hit the ground running during the past couple of weeks.

Schoenbar’s squad traveled to Craig on Saturday, Sept. 18 for its first trip in almost two years. The team traveled once more on Sept. 25 to Petersburg to race Mitkof Middle School.

The First City’s middle school runners didn’t travel last year due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus pandemic. Instead, runners competed each other in a race around Fawn Mountain Elementary School.

But one year later, the Schoenbar Knights have been able to step across the pond to Prince of Wales Island on Sept. 18, competing against runners from Craig, Klawock, Hydaburg, Whale Pass and Naukati schools.

And Schoenbar’s runners did pretty well.

“The weather broke in Craig, and under perfect racing conditions, the SMS boys grabbed the first through sixth spots in the meet,” Schoenbar coach Alex Pennino said in an email to the Daily News. “Eighth grader Evan Dash was the leader wire to wire, despite having to back track after being told to turn around by race officials two-thirds during the race.  Seventh grader Noah Robbins broke away from the pack for second place, and eighth grader Simon Milne started slowly and picked off the rest of the field for third place.”

Schoenbar’s Henry Vail, Carter Phillips and Gavin Anderson-Bell also finished in the top 10, placing fourth, fifth and sixth, respectively.

On the girls’ side, Craig’s Ashlyn Smith and Schoenbar seventh grader Winter Loretan were neck-and-neck for the first half of the race, until Smith broke away for a 30-second lead.

She finished 33 seconds ahead of Loretan, as the duo were No. 1 and No. 2 across the finish line.

Smith finished in 17 minutes, 29 seconds; Loretan completed the course in 18 minutes, two seconds.

Schoenbar eighth grader Addison Lewis and Whale Pass’ Ashlynn Cooke went back-and-forth for third place.

Lewis ultimately finished third, ahead of Cooke, in 18 minutes, 54 seconds. Cooke crossed the line just three seconds later, in 18 minutes, 57 seconds.

“Cooke had the lead for the majority of the race, until Lewis made a move in the last 200 meters,” Pennino said in the email. “The two girls sprinted to the finish, with the lead changing several times, as the crowd lining the final uphill straightaway cheered and screamed. Lewis’ form held together on the last uphill, and she bested Cooke in a tight finish.”

Schoenbar’s Kylie Brendible and Willow Moore finished fifth and sixth, respectively, and Piper Caskey placed 10th.

“(Caskey) toughed out a twisted ankle in the first mile,” Pennino said.

Schoenbar’s squad went head-to-head in a two-school race against Mitkof in Petersburg on Sept. 25.

Just as they had done at Craig, Schoenbar’s Dash and Robbins finished No. 1 and No. 2, respectively, in Petersburg.

Dash crossed the finish line in 13 minutes, 5.67 seconds, and Robbins did the same in 13 minutes, 27.85 seconds.

Vail finished fifth, and Milne was seventh.

Schoenbar’s Tysin Kealiinohomoku-Salcedo, Phillips and Kaden Natkong-Carle cracked the top 10, finishing eighth, ninth and 10th, respectively.

On the girls’ side, after placing second in Craig, Loretan did the same in Petersburg, finishing in 16 minutes, 12.55 seconds.

Mitkof’s Gabrielle Whitacre won the race, in 15 minutes, 41.15 seconds.

Schoenbar’s Lauren Tucker finished fourth, in 16 minutes, 37.35 seconds, and Lewis and Rylie Rado also cracked the top 10.

Lewis placed ninth, finishing in 17 minutes, 37.20 seconds. Rado completed the course in 17 minutes, 51.95 seconds.

Here are the middle school cross country meet results from the race in Petersburg on Sept. 25:


1) Evan Dash (KTN) 13:05.67; 2) Noah Robbins (KTN) 13:27.85; 3) Tyler Ward (Petersburg) 13:55.77; 4) Alex Holmgrain (Petersburg) 14:03.06; 5) Henry Vail (KTN) 14:30.09; 6) Ben Kandoll (Petersburg) 14:53.93; 7) Simon Milne (KTN) 14:55.95; 8) Tysin Kealiinohomoku-Salcedo (KTN) 15:47.11; 9) Carter Phillips (KTN) 15:57.66; 10) Kaden Natkong-Carle (KTN) 16:20.77; 11) Calder Hyer (Petersburg) 16:43.23; 12) Nolan Lutomski (Petersburg) 17:29.49; 13) Ender Weimer (KTN) 17:59.11; 14) Lincoln Odeggard (Petersburg) 19:09.09; 15) Lito Skeek (Petersburg) 19:29.39; 16) Cedar Helms (Petersburg) 19:30.49; 17) Finn Willis (Petersburg) 21:40.26.


1) Gabrielle Whitacre (Petersburg) 15:41.15; 2) Winter Loretan (KTN) 16:12.55; 3) Maria Toth (Petersburg) 16:25.23; 4) Lauren Tucker (KTN) 16:37.35; 5) Cadence Flint (Petersburg) 16:58.32; 6) Julianna Allison (Petersburg)  17:03.37; 7) Arielle Tucker (Petersburg) 17:06.64; 8) Rikka Miller (Petersburg) 17:21.29; 9) Addison Lewis (KTN) 17:37.20; 10) Rylie Rado (KTN) 17:51.95; 11) Maelle Boiter (Petersburg) 18:30.96; 12) Madelyn Dreisbach (Petersburg)  18:35.20; 13) Freya Tucker (Petersburg) 19:02.01; 14) Kylie Brendible (KTN) 19:57.58; 15) Mette Miller (Petersburg) 20:30.77; 16) Emi Anderson (Petersburg)  22:57.82; 17) Audrey Daniels (KTN)  23:25.21; 18) Eleanor Denning-Barnes (Petersburg) 24:15.30.

*Results courtesy of Schoenbar

Middle School cross country.

Here are results from the middle school cross country meet on Sept. 18 in Craig:


1) Evan Dash (KTN) 13:51; 2) Noah Robbins (KTN) 15:09; 3) Simon Milne (KTN) 15:34; 4) Henry Vail (KTN) 15:58; 5) Carter Phillips (KTN) 16:13; 6) Gavin Anderson-Bell (KTN) 16:16; 7) Jeshua Mowers (Hydaburg) 16:40; 8) Rickey Alander (Hydaburg) 16:51; 9) Austin Heidy (Craig) 17:18; 10) Michael Jones (NK) 18:13; 11) Alan Kaneki (Hydaburg) 18:18; 12) Conner Heidy (Craig) 18:44; 13) Tristen Lemerond (KTN) 20:02; 14) Brandon Badgley (KTN) 20:10; 15) Ian Taylor (Klawock) 23:37; 16) Robert Ohana (Klawock) 24:00; 17) Raymond Fairbanks (Klawock) 24:24; 18) Sal Williams (Craig) 24:28.


1) Ashlynn Smith (Craig) 17:29; 2) Winter Lorentan (KTN) 18:02; 3) Addison Lewis (KTN) 18:54; 4) Ashlen Cooke (WP) 18:57; 5) Kylie Brendible (KTN) 19:28; 6) Willow Moore (KTN) 19:32; 7) Chelsea Thompson (Craig) 20:12; 8) Keira Sanderson (Hydaburg) 20:45; 9) Megan Christopherson (NK) 20:48; 10) Piper Caskey (KTN) 20:59; 11) Olivia Guthrie (KTN) 21:33; 12) Denali Holien (Klawock) 21:50; 13) Macie Nunnally (KTN) 21:57; 14) Ashlyn Anderson (Klawock) 22:10; 15) Tenye Carle (Klawock) 22:34; 16) Linnea Edenshaw (Klawock) 22:49; 17) Madison Conatser (Craig) 23:01; 18) Myleigh Jenkins (Klawock) 25:05; 19) Sophie Pilgrim (KTN) 26:32; 20) Kaline Rodgers (KTN) 38:14.

*Results courtesy of Craig City School District.