Kali MacManus (14) defends against Saadhia Buffalo (21)

Schoenbar Middle School's Kali MacManus (14) defends against Metlakatla's Saadhia Buffalo (21) during a middle school basketball game on Saturday at Clarke Cochrane Gymnasium. Staff photo by Dustin Safranek

The Schoenbar Middle School boys’ and girls’ basketball teams hosted the boys’ and girls’ squads from Charles R. Leask Sr. Middle School from Metlakatla this weekend. The two schools went toe-to-toe with A and B team matchups at Ketchikan High School on Friday and Saturday.

Playing inside Clarke Cochrane Gymnasium allowed for more fans to be in the stands both days, as each participant was allowed four tickets to give to family or friends. Face masks were worn by fans, and people stayed in their groups, spaced appropriately on both sides of the upper balcony.

The Schoenbar boys’ A and B teams swept their games against Metlakatla’s squads on Saturday.

Schoenbar’s boys’ A team won 45-30, and the B team won 35-21.

The Schoenbar girls’ squads split their action against Metlakatla on Saturday, as Schoenbar’s A team fell to the Lady Braves 25-18. But Schoenbar’s B squad beat Metlakatla 36-20.

Schoenbar will host the Ketchikan Charter School boys’ and girls’ basketball teams, as well as the Ketchikan High School freshmen basketball players, on Tuesday.

The Schoenbar girls’ B team will play the KCS Lady Huskies at 4 p.m. The Schoenbar boys’ B team will compete against the charter school’s boys’ squad at 5 p.m.

The Schoenbar girls’ A team will go head-to-head against the Kayhi girls’ freshmen at 6:30 p.m., and the Schoenbar boys’ A team will play Kayhi boys’ freshmen at 7:30 p.m.

Here are game recaps from this weekend against Metlakatla:


Schoenbar Boys A 45, Metlakatla Boys A 30

Both Schoenbar’s Julian Paule and Metlakatla’s Xavier Olsen scored 10 points in Saturday’s midday matchup. But ultimately the ball bounced in favor of the Knights, as Schoenbar won 45-30.

The Knights had six different scorers, to Metlakatla’s four scorers.

The Chiefs’ Gianni Scudero and Carter Milton nearly finished with double-digit points, tallying nine. Schoenbar’s Zyrus Manabat did the same, hitting a 3-pointer in the first half. Both Scudero and Milton also hit threes.

Schoenbar jumped out to a 23-14 lead at the half, and stayed a step ahead of Metlakatla after the break, knocking in 18 points, to the Chiefs’ 16.

Scoring Line

Schoenbar: Julian Paule 10; Zyrus Manabat 9; Cash Larson 8; Jozaiah Dela Cruz 6; Edward Dela Cruz 6; Jesse Albecker 6.

Metlakatla: Xavier Olsen 10; Gianni Scudero 9; Carter Milton 9; Roger McKeehan 2.

Schoenbar Boys B 35, Metlakatla Boys B 21

Schoenbar’s Dylan Noble scored 13 points, helping lead the Knights’ B squad to a 35-21 win over Metlakatla’s B team on Saturday.

Noble led all scorers, knocking down baskets in both halves, including the Knights’ only 3-pointer.

Metlakatla’s Porter Hudson led the Chiefs with 12 points, scoring 11 after the break.

After falling behind 17-3 at the half, Metlakatla roared back, leveling the tallies 18-18 in the second half. But the offensive turnaround wasn’t enough to overcome the deficit.

Hudson’s 11 points after the break was helped along by a pair of threes. Metlakatla’s Cruz Lindsey and Vincent Milligrock also hit baskets in the second half, and Cordell Buxton went 3-for-4 from the free throw line.

Scoring Line

Schoenbar: Dylan Noble 13; Brian Burns 8; Paxton Swaim 6; TJ Alahan 6; Henry Vail 2.

Metlakatla: Porter Hudson 12; Cordell Buxton 5; Cruz Lindsey 2; Vincent Milligrock 2.

Metlakatla Girls A 25, Schoenbar Girls A 18

Schoenbar’s Kylie Brendible had the hot hand against Metlakatla on Saturday, as she scored 14 of her team’s 18 points. But ultimately, the ball didn’t bounce Schoenbar’s way, and Metlakatla won 25-18.

Brendible knocked down three buckets in the first half, and scored eight more points after the break, including a pair of free throws. Louell Yeltatzie scored Schoenbar’s other four points, draining a pair of free throws, as well.

Metlakatla carried an 11-8 lead at the half. The Lady Braves’ Brynn Hayward, Daycee King, Mia Winter and Ma’kani Martinez all scored before the break. Winter knocked down a 3-pointer, and King scored all four of her points in the first half.

Hayward led Metlakatla with nine points. Martinez finished with five points.

Metlakatla’s Saadhia Buffalo knocked in all four of her points in the second half.

Scoring Line

Metlakatla: Brynn Hayward 9; Ma’kani Martinez 5; Daycee King 4; Saadhia Buffalo 4; Mia Winter 3.

Schoenbar: Kylie Brendible 14; Louell Yeltatzie 4.

Schoenbar Girls B 36, Metlakatla Girls B 20

Schoenbar had a pair of double-digit scorers in Saturday’s 36-20 win over Metlakatla.

Summer Sivertsen and Izabella Agoney both accomplished the feat, as the duo combined for 24 of Schoenbar’s 36 points. Sivertsen led all scorers with 12 points. Agoney knocked in 10, scoring all of her’s in the second half.

Schoenbar had a 14-10 lead at the break. Metlakatla had five different scorers in the first half, with Teala Peratou, Gracie Howell, Baileigh Nelson, Layla Booth and Morgan Hayward all knocking in buckets.

But Schoenbar poured on the points in the second half, led by Agoney’s offensive outburst, as she drained a pair of threes after the break. Schoenbar outscored Metlakatla 22-10 in the second half.

Schoenbar’s Brianna Gilson also had six points — all of which came in the second half. She knocked in three baskets, helping Schoenbar extend its lead.

Scoring Line

Schoenbar: Summer Sivertsen 12; Izabella Agoney 10; Brianna Gilson 6; Kari Klinger 4; Lillian Fawcett 2.

Metlakatla: Teala Peratou 6; Baileigh Nelson 6; Mackenzie Williams 2; Layla Booth 2; Morgan Hayward 2.


Schoenbar Boys B 55, Metlakatla Boys B 24

Everyone on the Schoenbar boys’ B squad knocked in at least two baskets in Friday’s 55-24 win over the Metlakatla boys’ B team. Schoenbar jumped out to a 21-12 lead in the first half, and the Knights knocked in 34 more after the break, against the Chiefs.

Schoenbar’s Easton Paulson scored all 12 of his points in the second half, draining six buckets. The Knights’ Dylan Noble split his 13 points between the two halves, sinking a free throw for his first point. Noble hit six baskets afterward, giving him a baker’s dozen. Only eight free throws were attempted in the game. Each team was 1-for-4.

Vincent Millgrock hit Metlakatla’s freebie. Millgrock finished the game with 10 points for the Chiefs, netting a 3-pointer in the second half.

Metlakatla hit three threes in the game. Parker Martin and Kallin Hudson also drained shots from beyond the arc. Both finished with three points.

Scoring Line

Schoenbar: Dylan Noble 13; Easton Paulson 12; TJ Alahan 8; Henry Vail 8; Paxton Swaim 6; Bruce Johnstone 4; Brian Burns 4.

Metlakatla: Vincent Milligrock 10; Cruz Lindsey 6; Parker Martin 3; Kallin Hudson 3; Cordell Buxton 2.

Schoenbar Girls B 28, Metlakatla Girls B 12

Just like the Schoenbar boys’ B team, all seven of the Lady Knights on the girls’ B squad scored in Friday’s 28-12 win over the Metlakatla Lady Chiefs B team.

Schoenbar’s Izabella Agoney led the way with eight points, knocking down a pair of 3-pointers — one in each half.

Lillian Fawcett also scored six, and Jamie Thompson and Summer Sivertsen had four points apiece. All three knocked down baskets in each half.

Metlakatla’s Gracie Howell and Mackenzie Williams also scored in both halves, as the duo combined for eight of the Lady Chiefs’ 12 points. Howell had five points, and all three of Williams’ tallies came from the free throw line.

Metlakatla was 4-for-10 from the line; Schoenbar was 0-for-3.

Scoring Line

Schoenbar: Izabella Agoney 8; Lillan Fawcett 6; Jamie Thompson 4; Summer Sivertsen 4; Brianna Gilson 2; Kari Klinger 2; Tristan Conley 2.

Metlakatla: Gracie Howell 5; Mackenzie Williams 3; Baileigh Nelson 2; Dauna Olofson 2.

Notes: Friday’s A game recaps were in the Oct. 23-24 weekend edition. The Schoenbar boys’ A team won 53-30 on Friday. The Metlakatla girls’ A team won 28-13 on Friday.

Names and stats for each game are courtesy of the official scorebook.