Ketchikan Little League is putting its games on pause, due to the recent spike in novel coronavirus cases throughout the area.

Ketchikan moved to its Community Risk Level 3 on Tuesday, limiting the number of people in outdoor gatherings to 30. Subsequently, KLL stopped its game schedule in order to follow the EOC guidelines.

“There will be no games through the weekend,” said Robert Nedzwecky, the KLL equipment, field and grounds manager.

“Once it gets to a risk level 3, we basically use (the EOC’s) protocols,” he continued. “... (In) baseball, you have two teams; right there is 24 kids, plus six coaches. So right there, you’re at 30 before you worry about fans showing up. So we thought it was in our best interest to shut games down. We’ll still host practices for the teams.”

KLL baseball and softball teams will be able to practice, allowing participants to still learn the sport and be active.

“Coaches will be masked up; in the dugout they’ll be masked up,” Nedzwecky said. “But once they’re out on the field, they can play.

“It’s easier to separate 12 kids on the field, than it would be to deal with 24, coaches, and parents.”

KLL will reevaluate the situation next week.

“Hopefully they’ll have a chance next week to get back out on the field,” Nedzwecky said.