Members of the Ketchikan High School Kings wrestling team

Members of the Ketchikan High School Kings wrestling team pose for a photo this weekend after winning the Region V Championship team title at Wrangell High School. Photo courtesy of Matt Hamilton

The Ketchikan High School Kings wrestling team won its 14th consecutive Region V championship title this weekend in Wrangell — and the Kayhi Lady Kings team came within one pin of winning a Region V title themselves.

The results of the regional tournament sets the stage for next weekend’s state championship tournament in Anchorage, with 16 Kings and six Lady Kings qualifying to compete for state titles.

“The teams are awesome,” said Kayhi wrestling coach Matt Hamilton during an interview Sunday from Wrangell while awaiting the flight back to Ketchikan. “Region titles, that’s huge, and to do it so many times is pretty dominant for the guys.

“And the ladies had really, really pushed themselves to try to get to that point and win it,” Hamilton continued. “But you know what, we’ve got next year and we’ll make it work.”

The Region V championship events on Friday and Saturday were divided into divisions, with Ketchikan and the Thunder Mountain team that comprises athletes from Thunder Mountain and Juneau-Douglas high schools competing in the Division I tournament. Although drawing from two schools, the Thunder Mountain team had fewer competitors than Kayhi in the tournament.

“It was a small tournament, but the competition was pretty high,” Hamilton said.

The Lady Kings competed in the girls division against wrestlers from schools around Southeast Alaska.

Male wrestlers from the smaller schools in the region competed in the Division II tournament.

Kayhi Kings

In the Division I event, Kayhi had eight Region V champions, including Luke Rauwolf (119 pounds); Hunter Cowan (130); Kai Biagi (135); Degan Linne (140); Brock Thomas (145); Kollin Houthoofd (152); Romel Del Mundo (160); Seth Webb (171); and Paul Thompson (215).

Kollin Houthoofd earned the most outstanding wrestler of the tournament honors.

Houthoofd’s opponent in the first place match was Jarrell Williams of Thunder Mountain, whom Hamilton described as a “really tough,” fast and technically proficient wrestler who had given the Kayhi senior some “static” in the past.

“It was the first time that Houthoofd had it all dialed in,” Hamilton said, noting the match’s brief, 46-second duration. “Put (Williams) on his back, pinned him and that was the end of the night for the kid. Usually (a match) would go on for a while in the past. So that’s what got him the most outstanding wrestler (award) was, pretty much, just a flawless victory.”

Another standout moment for the Kings came during a match between Kayhi’s Conner Ray and Thunder Mountain’s Sage Richards in the 189-pound weight class. Hamilton said that Richards is considered a top contender in the state in that division — and Hamilton didn’t think that anyone in Southeast Alaska had come close to beating Richards.

“And Conner Ray put him on his back twice — almost had him pinned twice,” Hamilton said. “The crowd wasn’t much, but it was booming when (Ray) put him to his back. I don’t think anybody in the room was expecting that. … (But) he was ready to roll that day.”

Richards eventually won the match by fall in 2:57, yet it was Ray’s effort that people were talking about for the rest of the evening, said Hamilton.

“It was such a huge moment, — if he would have pulled that off, he would have been the most outstanding wrestler of the tournament,” Hamilton said.

The coach also gave a shout-out to Kayhi’s Paul Thompson, a freshman wrestling in the 215-pound weight class that most typically has competitors who are juniors and seniors.

“Most 215-pounders are not freshmen, and (Thompson) won regions this time,” Hamilton said. He’s just performed so well this season. He’s just grown as a wrestler, and is just a great young man and I’m just really excited to see what’s going to happen with this kid over the next few years.”

In addition to the above-noted Region V champions, Kayhi wrestlers who are qualified to wrestle in the state championships next weekend include Carson Dillard (103); Kristian Kellogg (112); Sampson Oliver (125); Ben Tabb (160); Morgan Davis (171) Connor Ray (189); and Tyler Manypenny (215).

Kayhi Lady Kings

Kayhi’s Lady Kings came very close to unseating the Mt. Edgecumbe High School squad as Region V Champions.

“If we would have pinned one of our matches,” (the Lady Kings would have prevailed), Hamilton said.

“It was tough but you know, my goal this year was to be within 20 points of being in contention for winning it,” he said. “In the past years it’s been 40-50 points difference. … So it was a cool, cool moment for them, because they kind of see now what they’re capable of pulling off if they put their mind to it.”

Three Lady Kings wrestlers — Trisha Capps (119), Julia Biagi (125) and Hayley Gilson (130) — earned Region V Champion titles at the event.

Biagi won her title in the 125-pound class in a memorable comeback match, according to Hamilton.

“She did such an amazing job,” Hamilton said. “She was down by a significant amount, she was down by four or five, (but) she stuck with it and pulled off a huge throw to win her title.”

In the 119-pound class, the 1st place match involved two Kayhi wrestlers, Abby Duckworth and Trisha Capps. Hamilton said the two wrestlers have been going back and forth this season. At this tournament, it was the freshman Capps who earned the win.

“Trisha really turned it up and really made some progress the last few weeks,” Hamilton said. “Very, very proud of her.”

Capps and Duckworth have qualified to participate in the state championship, as have Gilson, Biagi, Ruby McCue (135) and Chayslyn Spencer (160).

Division I

BOYS 103

1st Place: Colton Cummins (TMHS); 2nd: Carson Dillard (KAYHI)

1st place match: Colton Cummins (TMHS) over Carson Dillard (KAYHI) (Fall 3:28)

BOYS 112

1st Place: Carson Cummins (TMHS ); 2nd: Kristian Kellogg (KAYHI).

1st place match: Carson Cummins (TMHS) over Kristian Kellogg (KAYHI), Sr. (Fall 1:04)

BOYS 119

1st Place: Luke Rauwolf (KAYHI); 2nd: Owen Woodruff (TMHS).

Luke Rauwolf (KAYHI) over Owen Woodruff (TMHS), (Fall 1:13)

BOYS 125

1st Place: Kadin Messmer (TMHS ); 2nd: Sampson Oliver (KAYHI); 3rd: Gerald Blades (TMHS ); 4th: Oscar Wutzke (KAYHI).

1st place match: Kadin Messmer (TMHS) over Sampson Oliver (KAYHI), (Fall 0:53); 3rd place match: Gerald Blades (TMHS) over Oscar Wutzke (KAYHI), (Fall 0:40)

BOYS 130

1st Place: Hunter Cowan (KAYHI); 2nd: Justin Geary (TMHS).

1st place match: Hunter Cowan (KAYHI) over Justin Geary (TMHS), (Fall 0:56)

BOYS 135

1st Place: Kai Biagi (KAYHI); 2nd: Chase Darbonne (TMHS ); 3rd: Carvin Hass (TMHS)

1st place match: Kai Biagi (KAYHI) over Chase Darbonne (TMHS), (Fall 3:08)

BOYS 140

1st Place: Degan Linne (KAYHI); 2nd: Justus Darbonne (TMHS)

1st place match: Degan Linne (KAYHI) over Justus Darbonne (TMHS), (Fall 3:05)

BOYS 145

1st Place: Brock Thomas (KAYHI); 2nd: Casey Styles (KAYHI)

1st place match: Brock Thomas (KAYHI) over Casey Styles (KAYHI), (TF-1.5 4:09 (17-1)

BOYS 152

1st Place: Kolin Houthoofd (KAYHI); 2nd: Jarrell Williams (TMHS ); 3rd: Collin Elliot (KAYHI)

1st place match: Kolin Houthoofd (KAYHI) 13-4, Sr. over Jarrell Williams (TMHS), (Fall 0:46)

BOYS 160

1st Place: Romel Del Mundo (KAYHI); 2nd: Ben Tabb (KAYHI); 3rd: Michael Rene (KAYHI)

1st place match: Romel Del Mundo (KAYHI) 9-4, Jr. over Ben Tabb (KAYHI), (SV-1 13-11); 2nd place match: Ben Tabb (KAYHI) over Michael Rene (KAYHI), (Fall 0:39)

BOYS 171

1st Place: Seth Webb (KAYHI); 2nd: Morgan Davis (KAYHI); 3rd: Kaleb Paddock (TMHS)

1st place match: Seth Webb (KAYHI) over Morgan Davis (KAYHI), (Fall 0:48)

BOYS 189

1st Place: Sage Richards (TMHS ); 2nd: Conner Ray (KAYHI)

1st place match: Sage Richards (TMHS) over Conner Ray (KAYHI), (Fall 2:57)

BOYS 215

1st Place: Paul Thompson (KAYHI); 2nd: Tyler Manypenny (KAYHI)

1st place match: Paul Thompson (KAYHI) over Tyler Manypenny (KAYHI), (DQ)



1st Place: DD Toyomura (Petersburg); 2nd: Sarah Nanouk-Jones (MEHS); 3rd: Gabbie Bueno (KAYHI)

1st place match: DD Toyomura (Petersburg) over Sarah Nanouk-Jones (MEHS), (Fall 3:11)

2nd place match: Sarah Nanouk-Jones (MEHS) over Gabbie Bueno (KAYHI), (NC)


1st Place: Laney Green (MEHS); 2nd: Della Churchill (Wrangell); 3rd: Dorothea Okitkun (MEHS); 4th: Brooklin Dillard (KAYHI)

1st place match: Laney Green (MEHS) over Della Churchill (Wrangell Wolves), (Fall 3:08);

2nd place match: Della Churchill (Wrangell Wolves) over Dorothea Okitkun (MEHS), (Fall 0:21)

2rd place match: Dorothea Okitkun (MEHS) over Brooklin Dillard (KAYHI), (Fall 4:44)


1st Place: Trisha Capps (KAYHI); 2nd: Abby Duckworth (KAYHI); 3rd: Lakell Deinhardt (Petersburg); 4th: Hailey Moses (MEHS)

1st place match: Trisha Capps (KAYHI) over Abby Duckworth (KAYHI), (Fall 2:31)

3rd place match: Lakell Deinhardt (Petersburg) over Hailey Moses (MEHS), (Fall 3:59)


1st Place: Julia Biagi (KAYHI); 2nd: MaKenna Beans (MEHS)

1st place match: Julia Biagi (KAYHI) over MaKenna Beans (MEHS), (Fall 4:18)


Hayley Gilson (KAYHI); 2nd: Jamie Early (Wrangell); 3rd: McKayla Kazingnuk (MEHS)

1st place match: Hayley Gilson (KAYHI) over Jamie Early (Wrangell), (Fall 0:57)

3rd place match: Jamie Early (Wrangell) over McKayla Kazingnuk (MEHS), (NC)


1st place: Liana Carney (Wrangell); 2nd: Ruby McCue (KAYHI); 3rd: Serena Christmas (MEHS)

1st place match: Liana Carney (Wrangell) over Ruby McCue (KAYHI), Fall 0:30)


1st Place: Mia Wiederspohn (Wrangell); Place: Chloe Vasquez (Thorne Bay)

1st place match: Mia Wiederspohn (Wrangell) over Chloe Vasquez (Thorne Bay), (Fall 0:15)


1st Place: Trinity Pitka (MEHS); 2nd: Chayslyn Spencer (KAYHI)

1st place match: Trinity Pitka (MEHS) over Chayslyn Spencer (KAYHI), (Fall 0:55)

Division II

BOYS 119

1st Place: Evan Andrew (MEHS); 2nd: Abraham Fisher (MEHS); 3rd: Jackson Bennett (Craig)

1st place match: Evan Andrew (MEHS) over Abraham Fisher (MEHS), (Fall 4:55)

2nd place match: Abraham Fisher (MEHS) over Jackson Bennett (Craig), (Fall 1:32)

BOYS 140

1st Place: Keegan Hanson (Craig)

BOYS 145

1st Place: Dalton Wyzykowski (Craig); 2nd: David Davis (Sitka); 3rd: Kaden Duke (Petersburg); 4th: Samson Smith (MEHS); 5th: Alan Borbridge (MEHS)

1st place match: Dalton Wyzykowski (Craig) over David Davis (Sitka), (Fall 1:05)

3rd place match: Kaden Duke (Petersburg) over Samson Smith (MEHS) 1-4, Fr. (Fall 0:38)

BOYS 152

1st Place: Randy Churchill (Wrangell); 2nd: Rogan Hanson (Craig); 3rd: Leo Wald (Haines); 4th: Wyatt Litster (Petersburg); 5th: Frank St. Denis (MEHS); 6th Place: Colton Paul (MEHS); 7th: Rylan Jorgenson Geise (Haines); 8th: Steven Bales (Wrangell)

1st place match: Randy Churchill (Wrangell) over Rogan Hanson (Craig), (Fall 3:18)

3rd place match: Leo Wald (Haines) over Wyatt Litster (Petersburg), (TF-1.5 5:52 (18-2)

5th place match: Frank St. Denis (MEHS) over Colton Paul (MEHS), (Fall 3:46)

BOYS 160

1st Place: Ryan Rooney (Wrangell); 2nd: Jason Young (Sitka); 3rd: Daniel Harrison (Wrangell); 4th: Bradley Jackson (MEHS); 5th: Jonas Anderson (Petersburg)

6th: Emmett Fairbanks (Craig)

1st place match: Ryan Rooney (Wrangell) over Jason Young (Sitka), (Fall 1:49)

3rd place match: Daniel Harrison (Wrangell) over Bradley Jackson (MEHS), (Dec 9-4)

5th place match: Jonas Anderson (Petersburg) over Emmett Fairbanks (Craig), (Fall 2:36)

BOYS 189

1st Place: Rowen Wiederspohn (Wrangell); 2nd: Kael Osborne (MEHS); 3rd: Eli Mank (Craig); 4th: Grady Smith (Sitka); 5th: Paaraq Nelson (MEHS); 6th: Jackson Long (Haines)

1st place match: Rowen Wiederspohn (Wrangell) over Kael Osborne (MEHS), (Fall 1:26)

3rd place match: Eli Mank (Craig) over Grady Smith (Sitka), (Fall 0:13)

5th place match: Paaraq Nelson (MEHS) over Jackson Long (Haines), (Dec 4-3)

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