The Ketchikan High School track and field team traveled on Thursday for the Region V meet in Juneau, which is slated to start Friday afternoon.

It’s the first time the squad will compete since the season opening competition on April 23-24 at Esther Shea Field — nearly a month ago.

Kayhi has been unable to participate in three straight weeks of competition because of the town’s novel coronavirus community risk level. This weekend is the track and field team’s first regional meet since spring 2019 — when this year’s seniors were sophomores.

“I (feel) bad for the kids, especially my seniors,” Kayhi head coach Alex Pennino said after Wednesday’s practice. “They had their season lost last year, and some of them were trying to accomplish some pretty big goals this year, and they looked like they (were) going to lose (this year), too. But I’m just glad we get to go to regions and participate.”

Preliminaries in most events will begin Friday afternoon. Finals for the two-mile, high jump, shot put and triple jump also will be Friday.

Finals for the remaining track and field events will be Saturday, along with the relay competitions.

“When they have the relays, it’s really cool,” Pennino said. “They usually load up the whole track with all the teams from all the (big and small schools in Region V), so during the relays you’ve got some pretty good action going on out there.”

Kayhi will compete against both Juneau-Douglas and Thunder Mountain high schools, although teams across Southeast will be there, including Sitka, Haines, Petersburg, Skagway and Yakutat high schools.

“They’ll have a whole separate meet within the meet for (them),” Pennino said. “... It’s kind of like having the small school and big school basketball (tournaments) going on in the same gym, at the same time. That’s kind of how the track meet is. It’s pretty cool though, just seeing all the different runners and everything. It’s a great event.”