Virtual race

Runners from both the Ketchikan High School boys and girls squads start the 5K race at Ward Lake on Saturday. Photo by Kathy Lapinski

KETCHIKAN (KDN) — Technically, it was Thunder Mountain High School’s home race.

But Ketchikan High School was the only cross country team running at Ward Lake on Saturday, just like Juneau-Douglas and Thunder Mountain high schools were the only squads racing in the capital city.

In the age of virtual competitions during the novel coronavirus pandemic, everybody ran on their own course.

But to help give all of the teams a “level” playing field, the schools tried to mimic similar routes.

Typically racing on a hilly course, Thunder Mountain and Juneau-Douglas changed direction with a flat campground loop, and Ketchikan tried to do the same, with a pair of circles around Ward Lake before crossing the finish line near Last Chance Campground.

Despite Kayhi changing to an even flatter 5K course this go-around — with an elevation gain of  only about 100-feet — the extra twists and turns caused all 11 race times to be slower than Ketchikan’s last virtual race on Aug. 22.

Not every Kayhi runner competed on Saturday, however, which was the same for Ketchikan on Aug. 22.

Both the Kings’ and Lady Kings’ squads haven’t been to full capacity yet this season. The Kayhi cross country team will host its “home” meet at Ward Lake on Sept. 12.

Here are results for Ketchikan High School:


Mickey Lapinski, 17:29; Brent Capps, 19:46; Aidan Miller, 19:52; Brayden Gentry, 21:32; Kai Baigi, 22:24; Atreyu Davis, 22:29; Shawn Cadiente, 22:33.


Paige Boehlert, 23:32; Jenna Walker, 23:45; Maggie Boehlert, 25:41; Ruby McCue, 25:41.

*Results courtesy of Ketchikan High School cross country. Team results against opposing schools will be published in a forthcoming issue.