The sports season that was, is on the verge of becoming the sports season that wasn’t.

Sound familiar?

But no, this isn’t last week’s Daily News story from May 5 — or the week’s story before that, on April 29.

But yes, it might as well be. Because for the third straight week Ketchikan High School athletics are canceled.

The latest blow to Kayhi athletes came Tuesday afternoon, when 15 new novel coronavirus cases forced the Ketchikan Emergency Operations Center to raise the community risk level to Level 4 — the highest it’s ever been — for the first time.

It can’t go any higher. Level 4 maxes out the EOC’s community risk levels.

As such, under Kayhi’s mitigation plan, Level 4 also cancels any activities until further notice.

That means no practices and no games until Ketchikan can limit the spread of COVID-19.

Kayhi’s baseball team was set to host Juneau-Douglas High School on Friday and Saturday. The softball team was supposed to travel to Juneau, to play both Thunder Mountain and Juneau-Douglas high schools, beginning Wednesday.

Both the boys’ and girls’ soccer teams were headed to Juneau, as well, to play Juneau-Douglas and Thunder Mountain, respectively.

Kayhi’s wrestling team was going to host Juneau’s wrestling team — a combined squad between both Thunder Mountain and Juneau-Douglas — on Wednesday for their regional meet, and Kayhi’s track and field squad was scheduled to host an event on Friday.

But all of that is scratched — until further notice.

Regions and state?

Regional and state tournaments are not off the table for Kayhi athletes yet.

Kayhi activities is currently working on a mitigation plan to try to allow its spring sport athletes an opportunity to participate in both the region and state tournaments, in attempts to salvage each sports’ season, for each of the different community risk levels.