KETCHIKAN (KDN) — The Ketchikan Gymnastics Club held its first meet of the season on Sunday with local gymnasts performing in front of a pair of USA Gymnastics judges.
Gymnasts competed at Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum levels in vault, bars, balance beam, floor exercise and all-around. 
The gymnasts needed to obtain all-around scores of 32 to qualify for the Alaska State Championships in Anchorage on March 26-27, and all 27 competitors qualified.
Competing at the Platinum level for the Ketchikan Gymnastics Club were Emily Mendoza and Fawn Breese. Breese finished with an all-around score of 33.825, led by a 9.1 in the floor exercise. Mendoza had an all-around score of 33.6, with her top score of 8.8 coming on the vault.
The highest all-around score of the day was posted by Piper Caskey in the Silver division. Caskey scored a 9.6 on the beam, a 9.35 on the bars, a 9.3 on the vault and a 9.2 in the floor exercise for a total score of 37.45 (out of a possible 40). 
Three other gymnasts tallied all-around scores above 36. Also competing at the Silver level, Alexis Nielsen tallied a 36.45 with a consistent effort that saw her score 9.2s in vault, bars and beam, as well as an 8.85 in the floor exercise. At the Bronze level, Emily Harris had a 35.35 all-around score (9.35 vault, 9.0 bars, 8.9 beam, and 9.1 floor) and Payton Simmons finished with a 36.3 in the all-around (9.35 vault, 9.4 bars, 8.5 beam, 9.1 floor).
“They needed a 32 to qualify for state and everybody exceeded that,” Ketchikan Gymnastics Coach Lacey Murphy said. 
“And we had a 37 in Silver, which is pretty impressive.”
The meet was originally scheduled to take place on Saturday and Sunday, but the flight that the judges were on was rescheduled.
“We had to reschedule everything for Sunday. They made it here and we had sessions at 8 a.m. and 11:30 a.m.,” Murphy said.
The Ketchikan Gymnastics Club’s next home meet is Dec. 10-11. The team is traveling to Anaheim for the California Grand Invitational in January.
“There will be more than 10,000 kids there. It’s a pretty big meet,” Murphy said. 
Ketchikan Fall Meet
Individual results
GymnastVaultBarsBeamFloor All-Around
Rylee Marshall — 34.4
Harper McKeehan — 34.6
Brielle Perry9. — 34.65
Molly Munhoven8.88.88.658.5 — 34.75
Payton Simons9. — 36.3
Emily Harris9.359.08.99.1 — 36.350
Avery Reese8. — 35.25
Addley Sanford8. — 33.75
Hannah Schultz8. — 34.75
Indika Williams9.09.28.858.8 — 35.85
Pearl DeBoer9. — 34.4
Morgan Harold8. — 35.5
Brynn Linne9. — 35.8
Alexis Nielsen9. — 36.45
Bella Stack-Torres9. — 35.75
Piper Caskey9.39.359.69.2 — 37.45
Kylee Reese8.158.4257.98.55 — 3.025
Madeline Munhoven8. — 32.65
Hailee Simons8. — 33.2
Ashlyn Harold8.38.157.658.4 — 32.5
Juliet Cockrum8. — 33.9
Alaina Spokely8.08.38.358.2 — 32.85
Lilly Shull9.08.058.6759.05 — 4.775
Kendall Elliott7.657.98.68.9 — 33.05
Trinity Nielsen8. — 35.25
Emily Mendoza8. — 33.6
Fawn Breese8.5257.858.359.1 — 33.825