KETCHIKAN (KDN) — The final two boats in the 2022 Race to Alaska continue to make progress towards the Ketchikan finish line. 
Teams Sockeye Voyages and Fix Oder Nix were separated by roughly one nautical mile as they passed through waters outside of Prince Rupert on Wednesday afternoon. The teams were approximately 69 nautical miles away from the finish line and Fix Oder Nix had a slight, one-mile lead at the time. 
Fix Oder Nix has gained roughly 26 miles since Wednesday afternoon, while Sockeye Voyages has gained 33 miles. Both teams have kept close to the minimum pace of 25 miles per day that Race Marshal Daniel Evans said they would need in order to stay ahead of the R2AK Grim Sweeper, which disqualifies any contestants it passes. 
The teams are expected to arrive in Ketchikan around Friday, but an official arrival time cannot be determined as of yet.