KETCHIKAN (KDN) — Mickey Lapinski, Kyle Congdon, Casey Styles, Carol Frey and Paige Boehlert represented the First City in Anchorage on Saturday.

The five Ketchikan High School cross country runners competed in the state meet hosted by Bartlett High School.

While Saturday marked the final high school race for Lapinski, Congdon and Boehlert — as all three are seniors — Styles and Frey were putting the exclamation point on their freshmen seasons.

Out of 79 runners in the boys’ Division I state meet, Lapinski finished 27th, completing the 5K course in 17 minutes, 42.3 seconds.

Congdon placed 51st, finishing in 18 minutes, 14.9 seconds.

Styles crossed the finish line in 19 minutes, 24.2 seconds, placing 73rd in the boys’ race.

Out of 81 runners in the girls’ Division I state meet, Frey finished 59th, completing the course in 22 minutes, 41.4 seconds.

Boehlert was just a few paces behind Frey, placing 62nd in 22 minutes, 47.1 seconds.

Juneau-Douglas places in the top 10

The top 10 list at the state meet wasn’t completly full of teams from Anchorage, as Juneau-Douglas High School’s squad placed ninth in the boys’ meet, scoring 194 points.

Juneau-Douglas’ girls’ team finished third, tallying 90 points.

Teams from West Valley, West Anchorage and Service high schools held the top three spots, respectively, in the boys’ meet.

West Valley scored 72 points; West Anchorage had 81 points, and Service scored 89 points.

Chugiak High School won the girls’ meet with 42 points. South Anchorage placed second, tallying 68 points.

Freshmen on the rise

Kayhi’s Casey Styles and Carol Frey were the only freshmen from Southeast to compete in the Division I state meet, which consisted of large schools.

Frey was one-of-15 freshmen runners in the girls’ race. Styles was one-of-11 freshmen runners in the boys’ race.

Neither Juneau-Douglas nor Thunder Mountain high schools had ninth graders advance.

Sitka High School freshmen Trey Demmert and Connor Hitchcock competed in the boys’ Division II race, and Sitka’s Clare Mullin competed in the girls’ Division II race.

Several freshmen from Southeast competed in the boys’ Division III state meet, including Wrangell High School’s Daniel Harrison, Gustavus High School’s Evan Durco, Haines High School’s Dalton Henry, Petersburg High School’s Caleb Lutomski, and Craig High School’s Tanner Smith.

In the girls’ Division III state meet, freshmen runners from Southeast included Haines High School’s Ariel Godinez-Long and Ashlyn Ganey, Klawock High School’s Kyla Jones, and Petersburg High School’s Kate Thompson.

Notes: A full story on Kayhi’s cross country season will be in a forthcoming issue.

Here are results from the Division I state cross country meet, with the top five in both the boys’ and girls’ races, as well as runners from Southeast:


1. Daniel Abramowicz (West Valley) 16:12.0; 2. Jared Gardiner (Dimond) 16:29.9; 3. Fischer Adams (Palmer) 16:37.2; 4. Micah Fields (Kodiak) 16:37.5; 5. Shane Fisher (West Valley) 16:50.3; 27. Mickey Lapinski (Ketchikan) 17:42.3; 35. Samuel Holst (JDHS) 17:50.5; 38. Eli Crupi (JDHS) 17:53.1; 42. Aubrey Hekkers (JDHS) 17:59.8; 47. Will Robinson (JDHS) 18:09.1; 51. Kyle Congdon (Ketchikan) 18:14.9; 58. Martin Holst (JDHS) 18:23.3; 61. Matthew Johns (TMHS) 18:25.8; 64. Tias Carney (JDHS) 18:33.7; 66. Edgar Vera Alvarado (JDHS) 18:35.6; 73. Casey Styles (Ketchikan) 19:24.2; 74. Darin Tingey (TMHS) 19:29.2.


1. Robyn Miller (South Anchorage) 19:10.6; 2. Campbell Peterson (Chugiak) 19:27.9; 3. Kiah Dihle (TMHS) 19:40.0; 4. Elliana Zock (South Anchorage) 19:43.9; 5. Katey Houser (Palmer) 19:49.3; 11. Etta Eller (JDHS) 20:06.8; 16. Rayna Tuckwood (JDHS) 20:23.4; 18. Annika Schwartz (JDHS) 20:28.7; 30. McKenna McNutt (JDHS) 21:07.7; 32. Trinity Jackson (JDHS) 21:09.1; 33. Ella Goldstein (JDHS) 21:09.5; 52. Maisy Morley (JDHS) 22:17.4; 59. Carol Frey (Ketchikan) 22:41.4; 62. Paige Boehlert (Ketchikan) 22:47.1; 66. Grace Sikes (TMHS) 23:04.2; 73. Abigail Booton (TMHS) 23:55.8.

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