KETCHIKAN (KDN) — It was a quick trip to Annette Island for the Ketchikan High School cross country squad on Saturday.

Kayhi ferried across the Tongass Narrows to Metlakatla High School Saturday morning, went toe-to-toe with the Chiefs and Miss Chiefs cross country runners, and was back home in Ketchikan by dinner time Saturday evening.

Metlakatla hosted the First City for the first time in a couple years. The two schools did not compete against each other in any sport during the 2020-21 school year due to the novel coronavirus.

The Kayhi runners that did travel to Metlakatla on Saturday had to show proof of vaccination status prior to Saturday’s meet.

The weather didn’t disappoint for the two schools’ first meeting in a couple years, giving the competitors a typical Southeast Alaska fall day — headwind, crosswind and hard rain. But runners from both schools weathered the storm.

Kayhi’s Mickey Lapinski won the boys’ race, completing the course in 16 minutes, 55 seconds.

Kayhi’s Carol Frey won the girls’ meet, crossing the finish line in 22 minutes, 17 seconds.

Here are the individual results for the Kayhi and Metlakatla:


1. Mickey Lapinski, Kayhi, 16:55

2. Casey Styles, Kayhi, 20:20

3. Brent Capps, Kayhi, 20:40

4. Charlie Thiede, Kayhi, 20:53

5. Tosh Ratzat, Kayhi, 21:13

6. Ashton McKeehan, Metlakatla, 22:21

7. Clancy Thomas, Kayhi, 23:56

8. Liam Urquhart, Kayhi, 24:35

9. Gabriel Buston, Metlakatla, 26:28

10. Jasper Booth, Metlakatla, 27:57

11. Declan Thomas, Kayhi, 29:39


1. Carol Frey, Kayhi, 22:17

2. Trisha Capps, Kayhi, 22:57

3. Malia King, Kayhi, 23:32

4. Clara Odden, Kayhi, 23:35

5. Aspen Bauer, Kayhi, 25:03

6. Lacey Marsden, Metlakatla, 30:32

*Results courtesy of Kayhi cross country.