From left, Juliet Cockrum, Madeline Munhoven, Ashlyn Harold, Alaina Spokely, Kylee Reese and Kendall Elliot take the stand for their Floor placement in the Silver Division during the state meet on March 20 in Wasilla. Photo by Samantha Cockrum

KETCHIKAN (KDN) — It's been a couple years since the Ketchikan Gymnastics Club has been able to participate in the Alaska State Gymnastics competition.

An earthquake that measured 7.1 on the Richter scale hit Anchorage in November 2018, and aftershocks continued to ripple through the Spring 2019 season, preventing statewide competition. And last year, the novel coronavirus brought an abrupt end to the 2020 gymnastics season.

So for the first time since Spring 2018, the KGC competed at state last month.

The Alaska State Gymnastics meet was held on March 20 in Wasilla, and the KGC had 15 girls compete.

But the First City's return to state wasn't just all fun and games. The KGC was ready to make a statement, and the club put an exclamation point on their season.

Of the four divisions Ketchikan competed in — bronze, silver, gold and platinum — the KGC won first place in three — bronze, silver and gold. Ketchikan only had one participant in the platinum division.

"This was the best meet we've seen out of these girls," KGC coach Lacey Bailey said in an email. "They gave it their all, and have the score to prove it."

Ketchikan also had six gymnasts qualify for the regional meet in Boise, Idaho later this year. It is the first time in more than 10 years the KGC has had participants qualify to attend the regional meet.

Shyla Abajian, Corrin Johnson, Lilly Shull, Kari Klinger, Emily Mendoza and Fawn Breese all qualified. Of the six, Mendoza, Klinger and Breese will be able to attend.

Here are the KGC standings from the state competition on March 20:

Bronze Division

Brynn Linne — 1st All Around  

Claire Ruaro — 2nd All Around

Morgan Harold — 3rd All around

Silver Division

Ashlyn Harold — 1st All Around

Alaina Spokely — 2nd All Around

Kylee Reese — 3rd All Around

Kendal Elliot — 4th All Around

Madeline Munhoven — 5th All Around

Juliet Cockrum — 8th All Around

Piper Caskey — 9th All Around

Gold Sr. Division

Fawn Breese — 1st All Around

Kari Klinger — 2nd All Around

Corrin Johnson — 4th All Around

Gold Jr. Division

Emily Mendoza — 3rd All Around

Lilly Shull — 4th All Around

Platinum Division

Shyla Abajian - 3rd All Around

*Results courtesy of the Ketchikan Gymnastics Club.