KETCHIKAN (KDN) — It was a full slate of basketball games at Schoenbar Middle School on Friday.

Following the Schoenbar Shootout’s kick off on Thursday evening, with matchups between Schoenbar and Blatchley Middle School from Sitka, middle school squads from Metlakatla and Klawock joined in the action on Friday.

The three-day event, which ends Saturday, has 28 games scheduled in a round-robin format.

The following are some game recaps from Thursday’s and Friday’s action. More game summaries from Friday will be in a forthcoming issue, along with Saturday’s game recaps.

Friday’s Games

Schoenbar Girls A 35,

Sitka Girls A 33, 3OT

Triple overtime doesn’t happen too often.

But the girls’ teams from Schoenbar and Sitka certainly gave the crowd inside the Schoenbar gymnasium a thriller on Friday night.

Time and time again, Schoenbar and Sitka finished a frame knotted up. Schoenbar had a slim 11-10 lead at the half, but at the end of regulation, the two teams were even at 29 apiece.

Ultimately, Schoenbar won 35-33 in three overtimes.

Schoenbar’s Izabella Agoney scored the game-winning basket with less than 15 seconds left in the third overtime. A series of passes from Kylie Brendible to Grace Sanders, to Braidyn Young and Agoney helped Schoenbar edge ahead.

Brendible led Schoenbar with 17 points, but was always willing to dish the ball to a teammate if they had a better look at the basket.

Agoney finished the game with eight points.

Sitka had a pair of double-digit scorers, as Emery and Allyson knocked in 11 and 10 points, respectively.

Scoring Line

Schoenbar: Kylie Brendible 17; Izabella Agoney 8; Grace Sanders 3; Braidyn Young 2; Brianna Gilson 2; Kali MacManus 2; Lovell Yeltatzie 1.

Sitka: Emery 11; Allyson 10; Gracelynn 6; Dylan 6; Penelope 2.

Sitka Boys B 42, Schoenbar Boys B 14

Sitka’s Xander led all scorers with a dozen points in Friday’s 42-14 win over Schoenbar. He scored eight points in the first half, as Sitka led 23-9 at the break.

Schoenbar’s TJ Alahan and Ace Asper each scored five points for the Knights — and each drained a 3-pointer.

Alahan knocked down his in the first half, and Asper did the same in the second half.

Scoring Line

Sitka: Xander 12; Raul 8; Kenny 7; Morgan 7; Caleb 5; Marc 3.

Schoenbar: TJ Alahan 5; Ace Asper 5; Dylan Noble 2; Paxton Swaim 2.

Schoenbar Girls B 41, Sitka Girls B 1

Unfortunately for Sitka’s squad, Marley’s free throw was all the team could muster against Schoenbar Friday morning.

Marley drained her free throw in the first half. Sitka had opportunities to put the ball in the basket, but the ball didn’t bounce Sitka’s way any other time.

Scoring Line

Schoenbar: Izabella Agoney 16; Lilly Pader 8; Kari Klinger 6; Braidyn Young 5; Brianna Gilson 4; Grace Sanders 2.

Sitka: Marley 1.

Schoenbar Boys B 31, Klawock Boys 29

After one half, Schoenbar and Klawock were knotted at 17 apiece on Friday, and after two halves, Schoenbar was ahead by two — 31-29.

The victory was the Schoenbar boys’ B team’s first win of the Schoenbar Shootout.

Klawock’s Connor Bagby knocked in all seven of his points before the break, including a 3-pointer, and Tristan Ryno scored six of his team-high nine points.

On the flipside, Schoenbar’s Easton Paulson, Dylan Noble and TJ Alahan all drained 3-pointers in the first half, as the Knights kept pace with Klawock in the first frame.

Noble hit three threes in the game, leading the Knights with nine points. Six different Knights scored, helping Schoenbar to its two-point victory.

Scoring Line

Schoenbar: Dylan Noble 9; Easton Paulson 5; TJ Alahan 5; Ace Asper 4; Brian Burns 4; Paxton Swaim 2.

Klawock: Tristan Ryno 9; Connor Bagby 7; Raymond Fairbanks 7; Aiden Goheen 4; Damien Stadurs 2.

Thursday’s Games

Schoenbar Girls B 25, Sitka Girls B 3

Schoenbar jumped out to an early 16-0 lead after the first half.

Izabella Agoney and Addisen Zink each had six points before the break. Schoenbar scored nine points after the half.

Sikta’s Olivia and Lorelei each drained baskets in the second half. Olivia scored a two-pointer, and Lorelei knocked down a free throw.

Scoring Line

Schoenbar: Izabella Agoney 8; Addisen Zink 6; Grace Sanders 4; Brianna Gilson 3; Lilly Pader 2; Kari Klinger 2.

Sitka: Olivia 2; Lorelei 1.

Sitka Boys B 32, Schoenbar Boys B 19

Schoenbar stayed within reach of Sitka during the first half on Thursday, as the boys’ B teams went head-to-head. But Schoenbar was outscored 12-5 in the second half, and Sitka won 32-19.

Schoenbar trailed 20-14 at the break. Both Paxton Swaim and Henry Vail drained 3-pointers before the intermission, keeping the Knights within reach.

Sitka’s Xander kept piling on points, however, as he scored eight in the first half, and six in the second half to finish the game with 14. He hit six baskets and a pair of free throws in the contest.

TJ Alahan led Schoenbar with six points, knocking down a pair of baskets in the first half and one in the second.

Scoring Line

Sitka: Xander 14; Morgan 6; Kenny 4; Caleb 3; Rawl 3; Ashton 2.

Schoenbar: TJ Alahan 6; Henry Vail 5; Paxton Swaim 3; Dylan Noble 3; Easton Paulson 2.

Schoenbar Girls A 30, Sitka Girls A 28

Despite trailing 17-15 at the break, Schoenbar’s girls’ A team rallied from behind, and beat Sitka 30-28 on Thursday.

Schoenbar’s Kylie Brendible and Lovell Yeltatzie combined to be the squad’s offense in the first half, but baskets from Grace Sanders and Izabella Agoney proved to be a key factor in Schoenbar’s two-point win.

Brendible led all scorers with 18 points. She scored nine of those before the break. Yeltatzie scored six of her eight points in the first half, as well.

Sitka’s Allyson led her team with 10 points. She scored six of those in the second half. Penelope, who finished the game with seven points, did most of her damage in the first half, tallying six points before the break.

Scoring Line

Schoenbar: Kylie Brendible 18; Lovell Yeltatzie 8; Grace Sanders 2; Izabella Agoney 2.

Sitka: Allyson 10; Penelope 7; Gracelynn 6; Chalice 2; Dylan 1.

Sitka Boys A 68, Schoenbar Boys A 28

Sitka’s Shane T. was nearly unstoppable on Thursday night, as he scored 29 points in Sitka’s 68-28 win over Schoenbar.

Shane T. hit three threes, and was 4-for-6 from the free throw line. He had 15 points in the first half. Sitka carried a 31-11 lead at the break.

Despite the lopsided score, Schoenbar was able to show off its range, as the Knights drained five 3-pointers in the game.

Zyrus Manabat knocked down two — one in each half. Jozaiah Dela Cruz, Jesse Albecker and Sean Caskey eached drained one apiece.

Scoring Line

Sitka: Shane T. 29; Kai H. 9; Nate W. 9; Trey J. 8; Mason M. 6; Evan G. 3; Josh M. 2; Brett R. 2.

Schoenbar: Jozaiah Dela Cruz 7; Zyrus Manabat 7; Jesse Albecker 5; Sean Caskey 5; Cash Larson 2; Julian Paule 2.

Notes: All names and game stats are courtesy of the Schoenbar Shootout official scorebook. Some players were listed without last names.

Upcoming Schedule

Saturday’s set of games jump start at 8 a.m., with Sitka’s girls’ A team squaring off against Metlakatla’s girls’ squad.

Sitka’s boys’ A team will play Metlakatla’s boys’ squad at 9 a.m.

Here is the remaining schedule for Saturday:

Sitka vs. Klawock (Girls B), 10 a.m.

Sitka vs. Klawock (Boys B), 11 a.m.

Metlakatla vs. Schoenbar (Girls A), 12 p.m.*

Metlakatla vs. Schoenbar (Boys A), 1 p.m.*

Klawock vs. Schoenbar (Girls B), 2 p.m.*

Klawock vs. Schoenbar (Boys B), 3 p.m.*

Sitka vs. Schoenbar (Girls B), 4 p.m.

Sitka vs. Schoenbar (Boys B), 5 p.m.

Sitka vs. Schoenbar (Girls A), 6 p.m.*

Sitka vs. Schoenbar (Boys A), 7 p.m.*

*Halftime performance by Schoenbar Knightlights Dance Team