Girls’ 200-meter finals race

Ketchikan High School’s Rachel Knight, center, leads the pack during the girls’ 200-meter finals race at the Region V meet on May 22 in Juneau. She won the race hitting the finish line in 27.06 seconds. Knight was Kayhi’s first state champion this century, winning the 400-meter dash at the ASAA state meet this past weekend at Dimond High School. She ran it in 1:00.33 — a personal record. It was Knight’s third consecutive time running the 400-meter dash in one minute, besting her previous time by tenths of a second each go-around. Knight is one of two Kayhi track and field members to be invited to the prestigous Brian Young Invitational in Kodiak later this year. Only the best athletes from all high school divisions in Alaska are selected, with just seven spots open for Southeast school members. Photo by Klas Stolpe

Anchorage might have hit a record pair of rainy days this past weekend. But running in the rain certainly didn’t seem to bother the Ketchikan High School’s track and field team during the Alaska Schools Activities Association state meet.

The First City’s squad is used to that kind of weather. Afterall, Ketchikan sits in a rainforest.

But while Anchorage was setting weather records, Kayhi was setting records of its own.

Kayhi had a state champion, set several personal records, as well as two more school records during the two-day event at Dimond High School. Nine members of Kayhi’s track and field team participated at the state meet.

Ketchikan’s Rachel Knight, Ada Odden, Rachelle Biggs, Linnea Loretan and Jenae Rhoads represented the girls’ side, while Josh Rhoads, Jared Rhoads, Riley Deal and Brent Capps participated on the boys’ side.

Knight became Kayhi’s first state champion this century, as she won the 400-meter dash, crossing the finish line in 1:00.33. It was the third consecutive time she’s ran the race in one minute, besting her previous time by tenths of a second each go-around.

She completed it in 1:00.57 during the Region V finals race on May 22 in Juneau, and sprinted around the track in 1:00.43 during the state preliminaries on Friday.

“In the grueling quarter-mile sprint Knight blasted out of the blocks to lead the race wire to wire,” Kayhi head coach Alex Pennino said in an email. “Soldotna’s Drysta Crosby-Schnieder, who won her heat in the prelims, challenged Rachel at the 2000-meter mark, but faded on the backstretch.  Palmer’s Katie Houser made up the stagger, and got on Rachel’s heels on the final straightaway.  Rachel didn’t let up, and ran a perfect race for a tenth of a second PR, and first place medal.”

Knight also placed eighth in the girls’ 200-meter dash, finishing it in 27.65 seconds.

“Rachel is a phenomenally dedicated athlete,” Pennino continued. “She missed a whole season last year (due to the novel coronavirus pandemic), and three-quarters of a season this year, but never stopped training and taking care of her body.  It’s tough enough to pump out 400’s up on the track when you have coaches and teammates to encourage you. But doing it alone is an entirely different animal. Rachel’s work ethic, mental toughness, tenacity, and pain threshold are rare in a highschool athlete.”

Odden set a new school record in the girls’ 300-meter hurdles, breaking her previous school record, which she set at the Region V meet. She eclipsed her previous time, of 48.30 seconds, time by a full second, finishing second, in 47.30 seconds.

“Ada earned another PR in the 300 hurdles,” Pennino said. “... Dimond’s Maria Cvancara bested Ada on the last flight of hurdles for a four-tenths of a second victory.  The top five girls in the race all ran PR’s in a weekend where the hurdles were getting the better of the athletes with crashes, collisions, and lots of skin and blood being left on the track.”

Odden also set a personal record in the 100-meter hurdles, finishing fifth in 16.40 seconds.

Knight and Odden were part of a foursome that set a new school record in the girls’ 4x200 relay.

Along with Linnea Loretan and Rachelle Biggs, the group finished in 1:53.25, placing third in the event.

“(That) team had clean hand-offs in slippery conditions,” Pennino said. “... There were multiple  wipeouts and pileups in the sprint relays throughout the day as the weather continued to deteriorate, and the track had trouble shedding the record amount of rain. The girls fought for every inch of the track, and handled the wet conditions and slick track perfectly.”

Out of 19 teams participating on the girls’ side, the five members from Kayhi placed ninth, overall, tallying 27 points.

Deal accounted for the boys’ lone point, as he finished seventh in the boys’ 300-meter hurdles, finishing in 45.63 seconds. He also placed eighth in the 110-meter hurdles, in 18.32 seconds.

His 110-meter hurdles finish was a new personal record.

“He held his own with the best of the best 4A athletes,” Pennino said.

Knight, Odden invited to continue

Both Knight and Odden have been selected to participate at the Brian Young Invitational in Kodiak later this year.

The prestigious event is via invite only, as athlets are selected from all high school divisions across the state, and only seven spots are available to members from Southeast schools.

“Rachel is eying the school record in the 400-meter dash, and Ada has a chance to stand on the top of the podium in the 300 hurdles,” Pennino said.

Fab foursome hits the record charts again

It was only the third time the Kayhi girls’ squad ran the 4x200 relay this season. But for the third straight time in the past six weeks, Kayhi’s crew set a new school record in the event.

Rachel Knight, Ada Odden, Rachelle Biggs and Carlee Zartman hit the year’s first school record on April 24 at the Ketchikan Invitational — the squad’s first meet of the season. The group finished the feat in 1:57.00, setting the bar high — or the time low — for the rest of the year.

After the long layoff due to the community’s risk level for COVID-19, the track and field season picked back up at the Region V meet on May 21-22 in Juneau.

The group — Knight, Odden, Biggs, now with Linnea Loretan — broke that record, finishing the race in 1:55.86.

With that sub two-minute time, the foursome qualified for the 4x200 relay race at the state meet, placing third with a time of 1:53.25 — and accomplished a third straight school record in the event.

The 4x200 relay race is a relatively new race, and has only been around for about 30 years. It was an event in the 1990s, but not before that.

“You’re not going to find a record for that one in the 80s or 70s, or something like that,” Pennino said in April.

Record rain in Anchorage

The month of May has been one of the rainest on record in Anchorage, as the city combined for a little more than 3/4” of rainfall between Friday and Saturday — an unusual mark in the region for the typically dry month — and will finish May with more than an inch of rainfall, overall. The mark is just a drop in the bucket for Ketchikan, however, which totaled more than 2-1/2” of rainfall on Monday, alone.

Here are results for the ASAA track and field state meet at Dimond High School:


Individual Men’s Results

100 Meters


1. Peyton George, Lathrop, 11.19

2. Logan Mathieu, Chugiak, 11.21

3. Brian Morris, East Anchorage, 11.35

4. Ali Beya, Thunder Mountain, 11.43

200 Meters


1. Brian Morris, East Anchorage, 22.86

2. Ali Joseph, West Anchorage, 23.01

3. Trenton O’Reagan, Soldotna, 23.04

7. Ali Beya, Thunder Mountain, 23.24

400 Meters


1. Nathaniel Johnson, Soldotna, 51.93

2. Jacob Lestina, Chugiak, 52.54

3. Tucker Christiansen, Palmer, 52.50


15. Brent Capps, Ketchikan, 57.04

800 Meters


1. Daniel Abramowicz, West Valley, 1:57.80

2. Jacob Lestina, Chugiak, 1:59.21

3. Brady Burrough, South Anchorage, 1:59.93

4. Finn Morley, Juneau-Douglas, 2:00.00

1,600 Meters


1. Brady Burrough, South Anchorage, 4:35.19

2. Daniel Abramowicz, West Valley, 4:35.21

3. Michael Earnhart, Chugiak, 4:39.20

3,200 Meters


1. Daniel Abramowicz, West Valley, 9:36.65

2. Micah Fields, Kodiak, 9:41.48

3. Jared Gardiner, Dimond, 9:43.97

110-Meter Hurdles


1. Logan Mathieu, Chugiak, 14.47

2. Adrian Velasco, Dimond, 15.30

3. Will Anderson, Service, 15.97

8. Riley Deal, Ketchikan, 18.32*


8. Riley Deal, Ketchikan, 18.53

300-Meter Hurdles


1. Adrian Velasco, Dimond, 40.21

2. Will Anderson, Service, 41.41

3. Jesse Schnabel, West Valley, 41.75

7. Riley Deal, Ketchikan, 45.63


7. Riley Deal, Ketchikan, 45.30

4x100 Relay

1. Soldotna, 44.66

2. East Anchorage, 45.26

3. Chugiak, 45.46

4x200 Relay

1. Chugiak, 1:34.07

2. Eagle River, 1:35.92

3. West Valley, 1:36.71

4x400 Relay

1. Chugiak, 3:32.75

2. Soldotna, 3:32.89

3. Palmer, 3:35.03

4. Juneau-Douglas, 3:35.28

4x800 Relay

1. Kodiak, 8:30.17

2. North Pole, 8:36.69

3. Dimond, 8:42.21

4. Juneau-Douglas, 8:47.79

Shot Put (12lbs.)


1. Orion Harper, Kodiak, 50’8-1/2”

2. Shaistin Naufahu Gaspar, Bartlett, 48’6-1/2”

3. Dylan Dahlgren, Soldotna, 45’9”


14. Josh Rhoads, Ketchikan, 34’11-1/4”

Discus (1.6kg)


1. Shaistin Naufahu Gaspar, Bartlett, 141’9”

2. Eric Bushnell, East Anchorage, 131’2”

3. William Reinbold, Dimond, 124’5”


10. Josh Rhoads, Ketchikan 106’10”

High Jump


1. Will Anderson, Service, 5’10”

2. Pike Peterson, South Anchorage, 5’10”

3. Brynn Miller, Palmer, 5’10”

-- Jared Rhoads, Ketchikan, NH

Long Jump


1. Jackson Wall, Chugiak, 20’7-1/2”

2. Willie Zamora, West Anchorage, 20’5-1/2”

3. Trenton O’Reagan, Soldotna, 20’3-1/4”


15. Riley Deal, Ketchikan, 15’11-3/4”

Triple Jump


1. Owen Lewis, Chugiak, 41’2-1/4”

2. Alante Owens-Player, Bartlett, 40’10-1/4”

3. Dylan Jeffus, Wasilla, 40’6-1/2”


13. Jared Rhoads, Ketchikan, 36’7-3/4”

Men’s Team Scores

1. Chugiak, 100

2. West Valley, 65

3. Soldotna, 61

13. Juneau-Douglas, 15

18. Thunder Mountain, 7

19. Ketchikan, 1

Individual Women’s Results

100 Meters


1. Olivia Manley, West Valley, 12.76

2. Makiya Singleton, East Anchorage, 12.95

3. Olyvia Mamae, East Anchorage, 13.09

200 Meters


1. Olivia Manley, West Valley, 26.26

2. Makiya Singleton, East Anchorage, 26.52

3. Essence Slate, Lathrop, 26.90

5. Cosley Bruno, Juneau-Douglas, 27.14

8. Rachel Knight, Ketchikan, 27.65


5. Rachel Knight, Ketchikan, 27.38

400 Meters


1. Rachel Knight, Ketchikan, 1:00.33*

2. Katey Houser, Palmer, 1:00.83

3. Sophia Cvancara, Dimond, 1:02.06


1. Rachel Knight, Ketchikan, 1:00.43

800 Meters


1. Naomi Bailey, West Valley, 2:16.92

2. Ava Earl, South Anchorage, 2:17.13

3. Riga Grubis, West Valley, 2:19.23

1,600 Meters


1. Naomi Bailey, West Valley, 5:00.28

2. Ava Earl, South Anchorage, 5:03.55

3. Riga Grubis, West Valley, 5:10.88

14. Maisy Morley, Juneau-Douglas, 5:51.17

3,200 Meters


1. Naomi Bailey, West Valley, 10:46.54

2. Ava Earl, South Anchorage, 11:06.89

3. Riga Grubis, West Valley, 11:21.77

11. Annika Schwartz, Juneau-Douglas, 12:00.06

14. Etta Eller, Juneau-Douglas, 12:10.08

100-Meter Hurdles


1. Iayanah Brewer, Thunder Mountain, 16.02

2. Norah Browns, West Anchorage, 16.19

3. Denisha Snow, West Anchorage, 16.22

5. Ada Odden, Ketchikan, 16.40*


3. Ada Odden, Ketchikan, 16.80

300-Meter Hurdles


1. Maria Cvancara, Dimond, 46.73

2. Ada Odden, Ketchikan, 47.30**

3. Maria Peters, Chugiak, 48.30

6. Mallory Welling, Thunder Mountain, 51.12


2. Ada Odden, Ketchikan 48.48

4x100 Relay

1. Dimond, 51.96

2. Thunder Mountain, 53.53

3. East Anchorage, 53.73

7. Juneau-Douglas, 54.70

4x200 Relay

1. South Anchorage, 1:49.36

2. Dimond, 1:49.47

3. Ketchikan (Rachel Knight, Ada Odden, Rachelle Biggs, Linnea Loretan), 1:53.25**

4x400 Relay

1. South Anchorage, 4:10.12

2. Soldotna, 4:10.78

3. Lathrop, 4:17.55

4. Juneau-Douglas, 4:17.56

4x800 Relay

1. South Anchorage, 9:57.42

2. Chugiak, 10:00.42

3. Soldotna, 10:10.13

6. Juneau-Douglas, 10:27.80

Shot Put (4kg)


1. Laila Tosi, East Anchorage, 39’00-1/2”

2. Hanna Tennesen, Colony, 38’3-1/2”

3. Autumn Fisher, Soldotna, 35’-1-1/4”


12. Jenae Rhoads, Ketchikan, 27’3-3/4”

14. Rachelle Biggs, Ketchikan, 26’8-1/2”

Discus (1kg)


1. Hadley Blasey, West Valley, 116’3”

2. Autumn Fisher, Soldotna, 113’6”

3. Hanna Tennesen, Colony, 113’2”


11. Jenae Rhoads, Ketchikan, 84’

High Jump


1. Khadijah Morgan, East Anchorage, 5’2”

2. Hadley Blasey, West Valley, 5’

2. Thea Millam, Lathrop, 5’

10. Mallory Welling, Thunder Mountain, 4’6”

10. Mahala Powell, Juneau-Douglas, 4’6”

Long Jump


1. Harlie Lewallen, Dimond, 16’2-3/4”

2. Drysta Crosby-Schneider, Soldotna, 16’1-1/4”

3. Linh Bui, South Anchorage, 15’4-3/4”

5. Mallory Welling, Thunder Mountain, 15’3-1/4”

Triple Jump


1. Drysta Crosby-Schneider, Soldotna, 36’3”

2. Sophia Harvey, Thunder Mountain, 34’11”

3. Paige Nelson, Chugiak, 33’11-1/4”

Women’s Team Scores

1. West Valley, 99

2. South Anchorage, 89.5

3. Soldotna, 56

8. Thunder Mountain, 31

9. Ketchikan, 27

13. Juneau-Douglas, 10

*Personal Record

**School Record

Results for the Division I ASAA state meet are courtesy of