Abigail Ferrara

Above, Abigail Ferrara runs up Ketchikan Lakes Road on Saturday during the Deer Mountain Challenge. Staff photo by Dustin Safranek

KETCHIKAN (KDN) — Nine runners — and a couple dogs — made the trek up Deer Mountain on Saturday morning, as the Ketchikan Running Club hosted the Deer Mountain Challenge.

The course started at City Park, and wound its way to the trailhead, before continuing on toward the mountain’s summit for a champagne reward.

Evan Raber had the top time, overall, reaching the peak in 58 minutes, 21 seconds.

Emma Johnson was the first women’s finisher, completing the course in one hour, 23 minutes, and 30 seconds — exactly one minute ahead of Abigail Ferrara.

The two finished fifth and sixth, overall, respectively.

As for one of the two dogs, Christian Biagi and his four-legged friend finished third, overall, in one hour, eight minutes, and five seconds.

Ray Lapinski and his dog finished in a tie for seventh place, overall, with Glyn Seaberg. They reached the peak in one hour, 27 minutes, and 46 seconds.

Here are the individual results from the Deer Mountain Challenge:

1. Evan Raber, 58:21 (First male runner)

2. Cam Spence, 1:03:18

3. Christian Biagi, 1:08:05

4. Josh Carson, 1:08:48

5. Emma Johnson, 1:23:30 (First female runner)

6. Abigail Ferrara, 1:24:30

7. Ray Lapinski, 1:27:46

7. Glyn Seaberg, 1:27:46

9. Doug Ward, 1:48:57

*Results courtesy of the Ketchikan Running Club.