"An Evening of Dance" dress rehearsal

Ellianne Greaves performs with Ketchikan Theatre Ballet during a dress rehearsal for the KTB production "An Evening of Dance" at the KTB studio space on Saturday. Staff photo by Dustin Safranek

Ketchikan Theatre Ballet's senior company dancers will take to the stage to show off a variety of styles during the annual Evening of Dance showcase performances, set for Feb. 17 and Feb. 18.
From hip-hop style numbers to contemporary jazz pieces, there will be something for everyone at Evening of Dance, KTB Executive Director Zach Leighton told the Daily News by phone on Wednesday.
"So you'll see everything from ballet and on-pointe that's a little bit more contemporary ballet this time, rather than the classical ballet that you would have seen in the Nutcracker," Leighton explained. "You'll see some contemporary jazz, some modern, some contemporary, and a little bit of some, I would call it, contemporary hip-hop fusion."
"It's a really fun program because it really lets the faculty express themselves artistically and it lets the audience see our typical ballet-dancer type students dance in a much different way than they're used to seeing them in the other programs that we put on," he said. 
There's a total of 20 dancers from KTB set to perform at Evening of Dance. Most of those students are senior company members in middle or high school, but a few are younger students participating in a tap number. 
Four dancers from the Andiamo Dance Company, an adult-level company founded by Jess Berto, also are set to collaborate with the KTB dancers. 
The varied styles of the Evening of Dance tradition sets the show apart from others produced by KTB, but the work that goes into making the show happen also is different.
Leighton described preparations as a "really quick turnaround" on the heels of the much-loved holiday performance of the Nutcracker, a December KTB tradition. 
Rehearsals just started during the first week of January.
"It's much different than Nutcracker, where we were rehearsing it for months and months and months in preparation," Leighton explained. "This one is really, 'Go, go, go, get all the choreography set, pick out the costumes and present it to the audience.' And (what's) nice about that is that everything is really fresh and everything is really raw in the fact that, you know, it hasn't had the chance to get stale yet and they are still in the process of perfecting. And so the goal is that (it) peaks right when we get to the theater for the audience." 
The variety of the pieces in the Evening of Dance show aren't linked by a specific storyline, but they do fit well together, according to Leighton.
"They (the pieces) don't have a narrative throughline with each other," he said. "So a lot of times when you go see a production, you're looking for some sort of storyline. And so each individual piece is its own story kind of like a vignette style. ... And so you're really trying to put together the program in a way that has a flow. And I think we have accomplished that. And I think the audience is going to walk away feeling like they saw something that was really exceptional." 
The performances are both set for 7:30 p.m. on Thursday and Friday at the Ketchikan High School auditorium. 
Seating is no longer limited for performances at Kayhi, but masks are required in the building.