The upcoming exhibit at the Main St. Gallery will celebrate an important day in the history of the Ketchikan Area Arts and Humanities Council.

Featuring 100 art pieces of varying forms by 100 artists, the "100 x 100" exhibit was designed to celebrate the Ketchikan Area Arts and Humanities Council's 50th anniversary as a 501c3 nonprofit organization.

KAAHC Program Director Katy Posey spoke to the Daily News about the exhibit that opens on Friday during a Thursday afternoon phone interview.

Posey said that it won't be the first time that a "100 x 100" exhibit will fill the gallery.

A similar event was held after KAAHC purchased the building that now houses the Main Street Gallery.

"It was really successful and super fun and we really had a good time, and the artists really enjoyed it, and so we've brought it back for our 50th birthday," Posey explained.

Thursday was the KAAHC's 50th "birthday" as a 501c3, Posey said.

In honor of the occasion, Posey said, "we chose to bring it back and we're celebrating 50 years of service to Ketchikan community."

Each piece in the gallery will be sold for $100, and proceeds will go toward sustaining KAAHC activities.

There will be an array of artistry in the exhibit.

"We left it up to the artists," Posey explained. "We were very flexible, and we asked the artists to submit a piece that they would like us to have."

Some of the artwork will be framed and hung on the walls of the gallery, but some pieces take different forms.

"We have baskets, jewelry, beautiful paintings, we have watercolor, oil, we have print, stained glass, we have metal — two beautiful metal pieces so far — (and) photography," Posey listed. "It's been a wonderful turnout. So lots of mediums of arts will be represented."

There will be an in-person reception for the exhibit's opening.

Masks will be mandatory, and social distancing measures will be in place. The reception will run from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. Friday – the hours are extended to allow for more people to stay at least six feet apart and experience the art.

The exhibit also will be available between those hours online at

Contributing artists include Hall Anderson; Beth Antonsen; Jeremy Barry; Jean Bartos; Barb Bigelow; Lana Boler; Litzi Botello; Ann Carlson; Jess Davilla; Ken Decker; Lisa Doyon; Jeff Fitzwater; Grace Freeman; Mike Gates; JanaLee Gage; Angie Gofreddi; Rhonda Green; Luke Harrington; Matt Hamilton; Susan Heisler; Mary Henrikson; Mike Jurczak; Maida Kelly; Jackie Keizer; Halli Kenoyer; Mimi Kotlarov; Danelle Landis; Marilynn Lee; Karley Lesko; Victoria Lord; Judy Magnuson; Maida Marksheffel; Cammie May; Loren McCue; Cameo McRoberts; Terry Metcalf; Kana Mettler; Jamie-Lee Mitchell; Lori Orlowski; Chip Porter; Terry and Cheri Pyles; Elizabeth Rose; Kathy Rousso; Sandy Shepard; Margaret Shuham; Nancy Tietje; Ray Troll; Sandy Wade; Stacey Williams; Maria White; Felix Wong; Evon Zerbertz; and other artists whose names were not known to the Daily News at the time of publication.