In a world of constant change, we crave solid ground and an anchor as our point of reference for life. Seasons change, and all things age while our planet plunges into another trip around the sun. Our lives are rapidly accelerating from “day one” to wherever they will meet their end.

With all this change going on, how can we find what is firm and lasting? I do not believe we can! We are obviously powerless to establish anything but our lack of control over everything. But thanks be to God our heavenly father, who stretched out his strong arm to bring the help and direction our hearts so greatly require.

The day God revealed his strong arm was a mystery, and a foreknowledge since the days of Isaiah the prophet. In chapter 53:1 he asked, “Who has believed our message (of salvation?) And to whom (if not us) has the arm and infinite power of the Lord been revealed?”

The answer, according to Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, “is being revealed in that very question … in the word ‘revealed.’ Revealed is a translation of the Hebrew word niglatah. But niglatah means much more than revealed. Niglatah means to be taken captive. So the arm of the Lord, the power of God, will be taken captive. Messiah was taken into captivity, arrested. He became a prisoner.”

Chan continues with, “And niglatah also means put to shame, disgraced. So the arm of the Lord will be put to shame and disgraced. So Messiah was put to shame, mocked, degraded and condemned as a blasphemer. And niglatah also means stripped naked, exposed, and laid bare. So the arm of the Lord will be stripped naked and exposed. So Messiah was stripped of his garments and exposed, naked on the cross.

“It is the most famous image in the world— the image of niglatah — the image of one taken captive, laid bare, disgraced, put to shame and stripped naked — the arm of the Lord revealed, the power of the Almighty. But how could the death of a naked man on a cross reveal the power of the Almighty? That is the revelation … the arm of God laid bare … the strongest power in the universe … the power of his love.”

The leader of the Jerusalem Center/Beth Israel, a worship center made up of Jews and Gentiles, Jonathan Cahn gives us this challenge, “The Mission: Today, fight your battles, overcome and win your victories – not by your strength, but by God’s naked arm, the power of his love.”

References: “The Book of Mysteries,” by Jonathan Cahn, and The Amplified Bible

Barbara Brown is a member of the ministry team at the Ketchikan Lighthouse Church of God.


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