From island to island, across the narrows and straits, above the mountain heights and far below sea level; God is with us. We can go nowhere beyond the love and affection of God. That’s why he sent Jesus his son to us, to make sure we knew the depth of his love toward us. Jesus came to make a way for us to access his father in heaven. He offered up his life on our behalf to remove every obstacle which hindered our relationship with God.

Jesus assured us that his father was seeking those who would worship him in spirit and in truth. That is why we continue to sense his knocking at the doors of our hearts. God has not given up on us! Today is a good day to accept the son, the one whose mighty name means “God saves.” Let’s take into account this awesome savior and the power of his words that generate light and truth and knowledge for our souls. Let’s consider the immense effort and amazing achievements he has accomplished for us: John 1:1-18, New International Version: