My dad used to say something was a blessing in disguise. Over the years, I’ve used the phrase and heard other people, whom I respect, use it also.

I’ve been spending some time recently reading the Beatitudes starting in Matthew chapter 5 and haven’t really gotten very far. While reading them, the word blessing just keeps jumping off the page. It seems to have many meanings, and what a powerful word!

A quote that I found interesting from “Jesus Calling” is: “Thank Me when things do not go your way because spiritual blessings come wrapped in trails.” If you look at Paul’s life, it’s definitely true. He gets ship wrecked, bit by a poisonous snake and God had him right where he wanted him. Acts 27:27-44 and 28:3.

Another quote from “Streams in the Desert” says, “And one day we too will understand that even Satan has been used as one of God’s instruments of blessing.” This threw me for a while until I thought of the sufferings of Job, Joseph and other saints in the Bible.

As you read through the Beatitudes, spend some time chewing on them and you’ll realize they are referring to a different kind of lifestyle than we probably think about. Matthew 5:11-12 says, “Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and say all kinds of evil against you because of Me. Rejoice and be glad because great is your reward in heaven for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who wer before you.”

Some blessings we will experience here on earth and some in heaven, but I believe the blessing will go on and on throughout eternity. So continue to be salt and light as we live our lives here on earth. A friend once said that he saw the letter “B” light up with light bulbs and he asked me what I thought it meant. After some time and prayer, I felt it might mean that if we would obey the “be’s” in the Bible, we would be the salt and light that we are called to BE.

“Be holy because I am holy.” I Peter 1:16

Dale Bakkela is pastor of the Open Door Fellowship


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