The new year has arrived.  A fresh year lies ahead.  We can look forward to future events with interest and anticipation or we can retreat into a fearful dreading of each new day. Truthfully, we don’t know how this year will unfold, and whether the “good” days will outnumber the “bad.” But our hearts can find great assurance in knowing that it is the lord who brings us each new day; therefore, we can be glad. 
Prayer for each new day:
The gladness I’m referring to does not fail us when trauma, troubles, floods and disasters bring loss. Jesus Christ, the solid rock, is our firm foundation. He declared that the world would pass away, but that his word would never pass away. Earth’s temporary status cannot compare to heaven’s everlasting establishment. And so, we faithfully pray in the good times, and we especially pray when times are tough. When our hearts are on the ground, there is nothing to do but call on the lord. Then we wait.  We hold on to his promises and ask him to fulfill them. We leave the results to him and to his divine purposes. “Father, your will be done, and your kingdom come.” 
Grace for each new day:
To the early believers in Corinth, the apostle Paul described the power of Christ available to those who felt weak or afflicted. The lord had personally spoken to Paul and explained that his grace was sufficient while Paul suffered in persecution and prison. The power of Christ was made perfect in the apostle’s weakness. So Paul determined that he would gladly boast of his own weaknesses so that Christ’s power may rest on him.
Make each new day count:
When the morning light calls us out of slumber, and we realize that God has given us another day, this is an indication of God’s continued interest in our lives. In that moment, we can rise in full confidence that he is still at work here on earth.  And so, we pray, and we get busy. This is the day to appreciate random opportunities presented to us. And it is a day to offer ourselves to Christ, while bearing the light of his salvation to the world.  Then, just like the apostle Paul, we can experience the joy of Jesus Christ as his power works through us ... making every new day count.
Barbara Brown is a member of the ministry team at Lighthouse Church.
Perspectives is a regular column sponsored and written by members of the Ketchikan Ministerial Association.