The Ketchikan School District will hold four town hall meetings on Monday to present its revised fall reopening plan and to answer questions about the plan from the community. Two of the meetings will be held via Zoom virtual meetings at noon and 3 p.m., according to the district website; two more will be held in the Ketchikan High School Auditorium at 6 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

The revision is aimed toward having students learn in person every day, both in schools and in remote locations across the community called “annexes,” according to a July 24 letter to parents and the community from Superintendent Beth Lougee. Sixth- and 8th-grade students and teachers will be relocated:

6th-grade students currently enrolled at Fawn Mountain, Houghtaling and Point Higgins elementary schools “will transition to Schoenbar Middle School one year early and become middle school students; 6th-grade teachers from those same schools will relocate to Schoenbar Middle School to teach 6th-grade students.”

8th-grade students will be moved to their own wing of Kayhi and will be taught by Schoenbar staff, though the students will continue to be enrolled at Schoenbar.

Students will learn through a mix of in-person and remote teaching methods according to grade level:

Preschool students will have morning sessions and afternoon sessions at school sites and annexes Mondays through Thursdays. They will spend Fridays at home.

Elementary students ranging from kindergarten to fifth grade will spend Mondays through Thursdays learning at schools and in annexes, and will spend Fridays learning from home.

  6th- and 7th-grade students learning at Schoenbar will attend classes in person three days a week, and will spend one day per week completing work at home or at an annex, whichever they choose. Fridays will be spent learning at home.

All students at Kayhi, including relocated 8th-grade students, will learn at school sites two days a week, with an additional two days spent working either from home or at an opt-in annex site. Fridays will be spent learning at home.

Revilla Middle School students will spend four days learning in person and will spend Fridays learning at home.

Revilla High School students will learn on-site four days per week through half-day sessions, with the other half of those days spent learning at home. Fridays will be spent learning at home.

All questions should be submitted to District Clerk Kerry Watson at prior to the meeting. The superintendent’s letter can be read on the district’s website at