The Ketchikan School Board has a packed schedule for its meeting on Wednesday evening.

Beyond policy revisions, teaching contracts and grant motions, the board will consider a pair of library agreements, a lease agreement with Holy Name Catholic Church, an executive session with the administrators union, a presentation from Women in Safe Homes, three public recognitions, a routine bank account resolution and a discussion on school-connected organizations.

Public recognition

At the start of Wednesday's meeting, the board will publicly recognize the Ketchikan High School softball team, the Kayhi Track and Field team and the district's special education director, Terri Crofcheck, who is retiring.

WISH presentation

Next, during Interim Superintendent Melissa Johnson's regular report to the board, board members will hear a presentation on the mental health services that the nonprofit organization Women in Safe Homes offers to students in the district.

Bank accounts

After holding public hearings for three proposed policy revisions, the board will turn its attention to the consent calendar.

In addition to the five teaching contracts, the calendar includes a routine, annual resolution that authorizes bank accounts for the district and its schools and formally lists and authorizes the administrators that can sign checks from those accounts.

Lease agreement

Also on the consent calendar is a motion to ratify a lease agreement between Ketchikan Charter School and Holy Name Catholic Church on KCS's behalf.

KCS operated an annex site at Holy Name Catholic School during the 2020-21 school year. In December, the KCS Academic Parent Committee voted to continue using the annex site for its regular operations, "consistent with their long term goals for the school," according to the agenda.

A preschool will be added to the annex site for the upcoming 2021-22 school year, which will require a lease agreement with Holy Name Catholic Church.

"The 3-year lease agreement was negotiated by both parties, facilitated by District administration, and was substantially accepted by the APC on April 20th pending coordination of scheduling with Holy Name for use of their gym and playground," the agenda explains. "The scheduling was completed during the last week of May, and accepted by Ketchikan Charter School."

Library consortium agreements

After concluding its business on the consent calendar, the board will continue onward to its new business items.

In addition to seven motions related to grants, the board will consider two agreements related to the district's involvement in Ketchikan's local library consortium.

Effective July 1, the University of Alaska Southeast's Ketchikan campus library will withdraw from the First City Libraries Consortium, a program that allows patrons to request and share materials across libraries.

Under the terms of withdrawal, the UAS campus library will continue using the consortium's integrated library system until the end of the calendar year.

The first library item is an interim agreement between the district, UAS Ketchikan and the City of Ketchikan.

The interim agreement would set rules for all three parties regarding the use and maintenance of the integrated library system.

According to the interim agreement, "from July 1, 2021, through December 31, 2021, the District, the City and UAS-K will agree to share the costs and maintenance of their shared (integrated library system)."

The interim agreement would cost the district $21,055.43. The district has $21,400 budgeted for the agreement.

Next, the board will consider an "ongoing agreement" between the district and the City of Ketchikan, according to the agenda.

The agreement would replace a 1991 agreement between the city and the district that "set out the conditions for acquiring, using and maintaining an integrated library system to be shared by the School District Libraries and the Ketchikan Public Library," the proposed agreement explains. It includes details about how the district and the city will divide responsibility for maintaining the consortium's library server.

After UAS withdraws from the integrated library system at the end of the year, the district's membership in the consortium is projected to cost $23,602.92, about $5,000 more than before the withdrawal.

Without UAS contributing, the district will bear about 43% of the cost of maintaining the system, with the city covering the rest of the operating cost.

Organization discussion

After the board finishes its new business, it will proceed to a discussion of Board Policy 1240, "School-connected organizations."

The agenda does not specify what the discussion will focus on, noting only that "the Policy Committee asked for this discussion item."

Admin negotiations

Finally, before adjourning, the board will enter an executive session for negotiations with the Ketchikan Leadership Organization, the union representing administrators in the district.

Meeting information

Wednesday's meeting will begin at 6 p.m. in the Ketchikan Gateway Borough Assembly chambers at 1900 First Ave.

The meeting will be streamed live on the borough website at and on KPU's local television channel.

There will be time for public comment near the start of the meeting. Members of the public wishing to submit written comment to be read into the record may do so by emailing comment to Board Clerk Kerry Watson by 3 p.m. on Wednesday at

The meeting agenda can be read in full on the district's website at