During Oct. 6 municipal elections held across Prince of Wales Island, two city council seat races in Thorne Bay and Coffman Cove were each decided by a single vote, while Craig voters were opposed to the city borrowing $4.4 million to construct breakwaters for a new harbor.    

Coffman Cove

Terry Coleman won a three-year term for Seat B on the Coffman Cove City Council by one vote over challenger Sarah Bateman, 42-41, according to certified results provided by City Clerk Gina Cavaretta.

Write-in candidates for this race included Perry Olson with 10 votes, Randy Neuberger with 2 votes and Frank Wetherbee with a single vote.

Meanwhile, Kate Holtman, who recently completed a term in Seat B, will continue to serve another three years on the council in Seat A. She received 50 votes, followed by write-ins Olson with 38 votes, Neuberger with 6 votes and Mike Warner and Gary Wilburn with one vote each.

The election was canvassed and certified on Oct. 9. The council then elected Sara Yockey as mayor, and Jackie Sunde as vice mayor, said Cavaretta.   


Incumbent Julie McDonald will serve another three years on the Craig City Council after receiving 160 votes in the municipal election, according to official election results. Former mayor and Council Member Millie Schoonover also was elected to a three-year term, with 91 write-in votes. A total 38 other votes were cast for write-in candidates.

Craig School Board incumbent Marla Dillman retained her seat for another three years with 144 votes, but Tristan Douville unseated incumbent Daniel Nelson, 119-110.  

By more than a 2-to-1 margin, Craig voters turned down a proposition where the city would borrow up to $4.4 million to build breakwaters for a new harbor by issuing general obligation debt through bonds or a bank loan. The breakwater project, part of the city’s Downtown Harbor Project, is estimated at $22 million, with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers providing about $17.6 million.

The Craig City Council will discuss its next step regarding this project when it meets at 7 p.m. Oct. 22, said City Administrator Jon Bolling.


In Hydaburg, Margaret Peele, LeRoy Edenshaw and Marvell Nix were all elected to the Hydaburg City Council, said City Clerk Jennifer Mooney.

Peele and Edenshaw will serve three-year terms in Seats 1 and 2, respectively, while Nix will complete the remaining one-year term in Seat 3. Peele ran unopposed while Edenshaw received the top number of votes over Raymon Guthrie, and Nix over candidate Rebecca Frank.

Marvell Nix, Natasha Peele and David Nix were elected to the Hydaburg School Board. Marvell Nix will complete the one-year term remaining in Seat 1 after receiving more votes than challenger Jack Olsen. Natasha Peele was unopposed in her race for three-year Seat 3, and David Nix ran unopposed in his bid for two-year Seat 4.  


Dorothy Smith and Andrew West were elected to three-year terms on the Kasaan City Council, after both received the top number of write-in votes for their seats, said Clerk-Treasurer Terry West. There were no filings for the two open seats.

Smith received the top number of votes among 11 write-ins for Seat C, while West received the most among 12 write-ins for Seat D.

Also on October 12, the council elected James Savage as mayor and Della Coburn as vice mayor, said Terry West.


Klawock re-elected all incumbents during municipal elections, according to certified results provided by City Clerk Sybil Galaktianoff.

Incumbents Irving Langmaid and Rudolph Smith Jr. will serve another three years on the Klawock City Council after receiving votes of 95 and 86, respectively. Mary Refalopei followed with 54 votes and Carl Benston with 25. There were four write-ins.

Klawock School Board incumbent Ruby Smith (Langmaid) had an easy win for another three years on the board, receiving 124 votes against six write-ins.

Thorne Bay

By a single vote, Thorne Bay City Council incumbent Jon Stram will retain Seat E for another three years, following a 105-104 win over Kim Redmond, according to certified election results from City Clerk Teri Feibel.

Greg Kerkof will serve three years in Seat C after receiving 114 votes to Thom Cunningham’s 84 votes.

Wes Craske was elected to the one-year term remaining in Seat G with 78 votes, followed by Robert Hartwell with 69 votes and DeAnn Minnillo with 59 votes.     

Southeast Island School District

Unofficial election results for three-year seat D in the Southeast Island School District Rural Educational Attendance Area 19 have Shane Scamahorn of Thorne Bay with an 87-67 lead over incumbent Molly O. Kimzey of Port Alexander, according to the Alaska Division of Elections website, as of Oct. 6.

Whale Pass municipal elections take place in conjunction with the Nov. 3 general election.