Votes from the Ketchikan Gateway Borough election counted on Tuesday favored Jaimie Palmer and Grant EchoHawk to join the Ketchikan Gateway Borough Assembly. But until the more than 400 absentee, special needs and questioned ballots are tallied by the borough canvass board next week, those standings could change.

Of the votes counted on Tuesday evening, 928 picked Palmer for one of the two three-year seats open on the Assembly. EchoHawk received the second-most votes — 809 — followed by Carlos Weimer, with 625; Darlene d-Svenson, with 496; and Jason Button, with 457.

At press time Tuesday, 447 borough ballots had yet to be tallied; those absentee, special needs and questioned ballots will be reviewed by the borough canvass board on Monday at 9 a.m.

Though it's unlikely that Palmer will fall two spots in the standings when those votes are counted, it is still a mathematical possibility.

Whoever is elected once the canvass board reviews the uncounted ballots next week will replace outgoing Assembly members Felix Wong and Sven Westergard.