KETCHIKAN (KDN) — The Greater Ketchikan Chamber of Commerce has announced that plans for an annual Fourth of July parade will move forward, although the event will look different this year due to health precautions and guidelines regarding the novel coronavirus.

According to Wednesday email announcement, the Greater Ketchikan Chamber of Commerce organizes the event, and is “currently working with the EOC, as the reality of the situation is that there may be changes that must be made due to COVID-19.”

“We do not yet know what those are or might be, but we are diligently working on creating a fun and consistent but safe event for our citizens.” stated the announcement.

Other aspects of Fourth of July celebrations also are being discussed.

This year, vendor booths will not be set up at The Plaza mall as part of the Fourth of July celebration, according to the chamber information.

Discussion is ongoing about the possibility of allowing booths to set up at a different site.

Additionally, there was not current information available about a fireworks show, according to the chamber.

The chamber organizes the parade, but does not run the vendor booths or the fireworks show, according to the announcement.

The chamber anticipates releasing further updates.