A suspect in a robbery that occurred Monday at a Ketchikan financial institution was arrested Tuesday afternoon at a residence in downtown Ketchikan, according to Ketchikan Police Department information.

Arnold J. Natkong, 54, was arrested at about 3:30 p.m. Tuesday, KPD Acting Deputy Chief Andy Berntson confirmed with the Daily News on Tuesday evening. Natkong was booked and held without bail, pending arraignment on Wednesday.

The alleged incident occurred at around 5 p.m. Monday when a man carrying a bag with “unknown contents” entered the West End institution and contacted a teller there, according to a KPD announcement released early Tuesday afternoon.

“Through his statements and while utilizing a written note,” the man demanded $300 in $50 bills, according to the KPD statement.

The man “threatened violence” if his demands weren’t met, “alluding to ‘setting off’” the bag that he was carrying, the statement said.

“There certainly was a ... verbal threat if direction wasn't followed,” Berntson said in a Thursday afternoon interview with the Daily News.

The man was given the money and he left the scene, according to the KPD statement.

“The direction was followed,” Berntson said. “No tellers, employees or anybody else was hurt.”

KPD officers responded to the report of the robbery at 5:05 p.m. Monday, according to the department's announcement. Berntson said the response occurred within minutes immediately after the incident.

Neither the KPD announcement nor Berntson gave the name of the financial institution involved.

Contacted by the Daily News on Tuesday afternoon, Jessica Gallagher, the director of corporate communications for Credit Union 1, said “there is an active investigation going on that we can’t comment about.

“However, we are very proud of the way our staff handled this incident, and we're grateful that they're all OK,” Gallagher said.

The KPD announcement stated that the man “has been described as a native Alaskan with a medium build, possibly in his 50s or 60s.”

On Tuesday afternoon, Berntson said that police are “reviewing a lot of different surveillance-style video in reference to that building and others.”

KPD is in contact with the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

“They’ve been advised of it,” Berntson said. “We generally complete all of the investigation; (we’ll) work in conjunction with an entity like the FBI for a bank-robbery type situation," he said. “They’re not very common — definitely not in Ketchikan.”