KETCHIKAN (KDN) — Overhaul work on the Alaska Marine Highway System ferry Kennicott will take about one month longer than was budgeted in the state's original schedule, the state announced Monday.

The ship will be undergoing repairs in Vigor's Ketchikan Shipyard from Jan. 14 through April 21. It had been scheduled to return to service on March 10, according to the state's winter 2021-22 sailing schedule.

Work on the Kennicott had been scheduled to begin on Jan. 6, but that work was delayed to allow the Kennicott to fill in for the AMHS ferry Matanuska, which is out of service through Jan. 30 for overhaul work.

The Kennicott's return to service will be delayed for reasons similar to those that postponed the Matanuska repairs, namely vendor delays and repairs that proved to be more extensive than initially anticipated.

"The Kennicott has had little time in the shipyard over the past two years and has an extensive checklist of maintenance items," the state press release explained.

"Supply chain issues" also are contributing to the delay, per that announcement.

"The extended overhaul affects sailings, particularly cancellations in Bellingham," the state press release adds. "AMHS reservation specialists are currently reaching out to all affected passengers to assist with alternative arrangements."