KETCHIKAN (KDN) — Annette A. Dilts, 27, was arrested Friday in Ketchikan and charged with two counts of second-degree misconduct involving a controlled substance.

According to the probable cause statement filed by Alaska State Trooper Larry Dur’an, Dilts was contacted by law enforcement officers Friday upon her arrival in Ketchikan on a flight from Seattle.

Dilts was served with a search warrant, and allegedly was found to be “internally body carrying 250 gross grams of suspected black tar heroin (positive field test) and 23.5 grams of blue round pills bearing an imprint of M30,” according to the probable cause statement.

A troopers dispatch stated that there were approximately 206 pills involved.

The substances will be sent to the State of Alaska Crime Lab for testing, according to the statement, which added that the officer, based on “knowledge of the local drug scene,” believes that the blue pills are Fentanyl pills mimicking Oxycodone 30 mg pills.

The probable cause statement said that the amount of the alleged heroin seized would be more then 2,000 “dosage units.”

That Dilts allegedly traveled to Seattle to obtain the alleged substances in the those quantities and smuggle them back with the related costs and steps taken to conceal the substances, indicates “possession with the intent to deliver,” according to the statement.

Dilts had an appearance in Juneau Trial Court on Saturday. Superior Court Judge Trevor Stephens set the bail at a $10,000 cash appearance and $50,000 cash performance bonds, and appointed a public defender for Dilts.

She remained in custody. Dilts appeared in Ketchikan District Court on Monday afternoon, during which Ketchikan Magistrate Judge Amanda Schulz scheduled a preliminary hearing in the case for March 5.

The troopers dispatch estimated that the street value of the alleged drugs was $266,000.

According to the dispatch, the investigation was supported by the Southeast Alaska Communities Against Drugs enforcement initiative, which is comprised of Alaska State Troopers, local police officers,and federal law enforcement officials.