KETCHIKAN (KDN) — In a short videoconference meeting on Wednesday evening, the Ketchikan School Board unanimously approved in second reading new policies for responding to epidemics and pandemics in the district.

Board members participated in the meeting using Zoom, a popular videoconferencing program. The meeting was streamed live online and by Ketchikan Public Utilities.

The new board policy describes the steps the district will take in the event of an epidemic or pandemic in the district, such as defining an evacuation plan for students and district employees and consulting with public health officials to determine whether to close or re-open schools.

The board unanimously approved the policy in first reading at its last regular meeting.

The School Board also unanimously approved 29 contracts for non-tenured district employees. The estimated combined cost of the contracts is $2,684,126, according to the agenda.

The board recessed into an executive session at the end of its meeting to discuss negotiations with administrative assistants.