First City Players is hosting auditions on Wednesday and Thursday for the play "Eurydice," based on a tragic Greek myth.

The FCP production, slated for March, will bring to the stage a version of the myth as written by playwright Sarah Ruhl.

Elizabeth Nelson, FCP executive artistic director, told the Daily News via phone on Tuesday that the story follows the lovers Orpheus and Eurydice.

"This young couple are so in love and she (Eurydice) dies and is taken down to the underworld," Nelson said. "He finds his way to the underworld and convinces Hades to give him a chance to bring Eurydice back up to the world. And Hades agrees as long as ... Orpheus never turns around and looks at her, right? As he is getting (ready) to step back onto earth, he turns around. And she gets sucked back down into Hades."

Nelson said that Ruhl's imagining of the story focuses more on Eurydice's perspective than that of Orpheus.

"It's a fascinating and interesting look at this story," Nelson said. "And yeah, I'm really excited by it."

There are eight roles available in the production — which is directed by Keith Smith — for both men and women, and for a range of ages.

While the auditions are in-person at FCP offices at 6:45 p.m. on Wednesday and Thursday. Individuals who can not make it downtown due to weather, quarantine status or being out of town can contact FCP about the option of a Zoom audition.

Nelson said that FCP strives to make auditions "user-friendly" for everyone.

"It's what are called cold auditions," Nelson explained. "We will help you through everything need, it will be reading from the script. ... And you know, he (Smith, director) may want to run you through a couple of improvs — that I can't answer because I am not running the audition.  But as always, and this is just something that First City Players works really hard on, is to make sure that auditions, which are always terrifying, are as user-friendly as they possibly can be."

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