Voter encouragement

Sixth-graders from Houghtaling Elementary School display handmade voting signs on the corner of Tongass Ave. and Jefferson St. Staff photos by Sam Stockbridge

KETCHIKAN (KDN) — On a cold and clear Tuesday afternoon, Houghtaling Elementary School students took to the street to remind Ketchikan to vote in the general election.

Early on Tuesday afternoon, students from three of Houghtaling's sixth-grade classes waved, danced and displayed handmade voting signs on the corner of Tongass Avenue and Jefferson Street.

Houghtaling teacher Rebecca Mike spoke with the Daily News while watching her students wave signs on Tuesday.

Mike said that her sixth-grade class was spending the weeks leading up to the elections working on a civics unit.

"We've been learning about the system of government we have, representative democracy and the importance of voting and having a voice in order to guide the democracy," Mike explained.

While a few of the students took frequent breaks to warm up with hot chocolate, they enjoyed their time supporting voters.

"Our goal is just to be positive and uplifting to people in hopes that they will go, 'Oh, yeah, I haven't voted yet, today is that day,'" Mike commented.

The students were met with a good reception from passersby.

"They've had a lot of people waving and smiling," Mike said. "Lots of voters are honking at them and I think the kids feel good about it and I think the community feels good about it."