Handmade ornaments set to hang at Alaska’s Governor’s Mansion

Kindergarteners Francis Patton, Adalyn Tacker, Nolan Bass, Everly Evans, and Leif Marthonsen hold ornaments made in class on Friday at Fawn Mountain Elementary School.              

KETCHIKAN (KDN) — Students from four Ketchikan School District schools set to work this past week decorating handmade ornaments that will hang on the U.S. Forest Service's annual Together Tree at Alaska's Governor's Mansion in Juneau.

The tree, a 14-foot shore pine from Wrangell, was provided by the U.S. Forest Service, according to Erica Keene, the media relations specialist for the Alaska Region of the USFS.

Keene said that this is the fifth year that the Forest Service has provided a tree for the occasion. On Thursday, the tree will be blessed at Wrangell's Chief Shakes tribal house before being transported to the capital city.

"It is set to arrive next week, like Sunday or Monday," Keene said. "And then the governor's mansion will put it up."

Students from Fawn Mountain Elementary School, Point Higgins Elementary School, Ketchikan Charter School and the Tongass School of Arts and Sciences all decorated ornaments.

Jon Hyde of the (U.S.) Forest Service's Ketchikan Misty Fjords Ranger District said that the office received "quite a few" ornaments from both Fawn Mountain and Point Higgins.

"They were beautiful ornaments," he said, noting that the boxes were on the way to Juneau as of Tuesday.

While Keene was unsure of an exact number of ornaments created, "the ornaments just got put in the mail and I know it was eight flat-rate boxes," she said.

—  Compiled by Daily News Staff Writer Raegan Miller