KETCHIKAN (KDN) — Ketchikan High School’s scholarship assembly was held virtually on May 19, with Kayhi students accumulating $6,804,672 of in-state and out-of-state scholarship funds.

More than 40 presenters — including Kayhi staff and community members — presented awards in-person at Kayhi, while Felix Wong produced a livestream of the video that aired on the evening of May 19.

Opening comments were delivered by Kayhi English teacher Rebecca Bowlen.

“Seniors, before we honor you this evening, I need you to do something for me,” Bowlen said. “Turn to your parents, your grandparents, other family members, and your friends, wherever you may be sitting right now, and thank them. Thank them for taking care of you. Thank them for feeding you. Thank them for nagging you.”

Bowlen continued, “ Thank them for providing you with opportunities for growth and development. Thank them for having your back no matter what. Thank them for loving you. In large part, you are successful because of them.”

Bowlen addressed the virtual audience, telling parents of the class of 2021 to be proud of their students.

“And seniors, as you continue to embody and practice good deeds and service and intellect and creativity throughout your life, you will be rewarded beyond measure,” she concluded. “Class of 2021, congratulations.”

Students who received scholarships at the 2021 scholarship assembly included:

• Olivia Berg, Charles Blair, Maegan Chua, Henry Clark, Tyrel Cook, Robert Cope-Powell, Jhenna Day, Morgan Elerding, Nina Holman, Judith Meiresonne, Evelyn Nutt, Tessa Salazar, Lauren Scarzella and Elizabeth Shull earned $12,000 UA scholars scholarships.

• Alaska Performance Scholarships went to Piper Aceston, Ashley Anzueto, Olivia Berg, John Bernardo, Charles Blair, Hayden Byron, Maegan Chua, Henry Clark, Tyrel Cook, August Cooper, Robert Cope-Powell, Jhenna Day, Riley Deal, Morgan Elerding, Juster Gabor, Joshua Gentry, Nina Holman, Samuel Jackson, Trinity Jackson, Charlie King, Cade McAllister, Judith Meiresonne, Evelyn Nutt, Lauren Scarzella, Jayden Scoblic, Jhasen Seludo, Elizabeth Shull, Remi Cothren, Patrick Garcia, Rylee Geil, Cashlie Guthrie, Lee Guzman-Sanchez, McKinley Hamilton, Rachel Knight, Delaney Neilson, Trace Sasser, Francis Sherman, Phillip Smith, Evelyn Staples, Autumn Yoder, Sylena Benton and Keppler Starkweather Jones.

• Riley Deal and Nina Holman earned the Al Robinson Award.

• The Dan Christiansen State Farm Educational Scholarship was awarded to Jathen Antonio, John Bernardo, Cashlie Guthrie and Autumn Yoder.

• The Ketchikan CHARR Educational Fund Salmon Derby Scholarship was awarded to John Bernardo, Tyrel Cook, Riley Deal, Kyan Kimberly and Autumn Yoder.

• Jenna Alkhabi, John Bernardo and August Cooper were awarded the Rural Alaskans Honor Institute Scholarship.

• The Alaska Forest Association Scholarship was awarded to Morgan Elerding, Sarah Short and Carlee Zartman.

• Tyler Slick earned the $1,000 William Hamilton Memorial Scholarship.

• The Al Neuharth journalism scholarship, worth $1,000, was awarded to Evelyn Nutt.

• College Granted Awards — financial or merit scholarship assistance — went to students attending specific schools, including: Piper Acteson (the University of Hawaii at Hilo), Jenna Alkhabi (Maharishi International University), Alexis Jathen Antonio (the University of Alaska Anchorage), Olivia Berg (Arizona State University), John Bernardo (University of Alaska Fairbanks), Rachelle Biggs (Eastern Oregon University), Charles Blair (Eastern Washington University), Dyllan Borer (Cal Maritime), Jaredval Caguiat (Lewis and Clark State College), Destiny Chenhall (Alaska Vocational Technical Center), Maegan Chua (University of Washington), Henry Clark (Pacific Lutheran University), Andrew Collins (Eastern Washington University), Tyrel Cook (UAA), August Cooper (UAF), Robert Cope-Powell (Pacific Lutheran University), Remi Cothren (Palimoda in Italy), Tristan Dahl (University of Idaho), Amanda Dale (University of Tennessee), Jhenna Day (University of Utah), Riley Deal (UAS), Morgan Eldering (Boise State University), Colby Elliott (Utah State University), Juster Gabor (UAF), Rylee Geil (apprenticeship for vet school), Joshua Gentry (Lewis and Clark State College), Cashlie Guthrie (UAS), Lee Guzman-Sanchez (Seattle Recording Art Institute), McKinley Hamilton (UAA), Nina Holman (UAS), Trinity Jackson (UAS), Nena Jones (Dixie State University), Kyan Kimberly (AVTEC), Charlie King (Simpson University), Rachel Knight (Washington State University), Caspian Major (UAS), Cade McAllister (University of Montana), Hayden McGarrigan (Clark Community College), Judith Meiresonne (Oregon State University), Delany Neilson (Linfield College), Evelyn Nutt (Stanford University), Tessa Salazar (the University of California Santa Barbara), Ryan Santos (Idaho State University), Lauren Scarzella (Brigham Young University), Jayden Scoblic (UAA), Erin Shea (University of Florida), Francis Sherman (Cal Maritime), Sarah Short (University of North Texas), Elizabeth Shull (UAA), Tyler Slick (University of Idaho), Jaden Smith (University of Montana College), Evelyn Staples (Linfield College), Noelani Tillson (ACA College), Mackenzie Williams (Central Washington University), Autumn Yoder (UAS) and Carlee Zartman (UAS).

• The Alaska Sportfishing Expedition scholarship went to John Call ($625) and Kolby Elliott ($625).

• The two $1,500 Richard D. Johnson scholarships were awarded to Carlee Zartman and Erin Shea.

• The $1,000 Rainbird Scholarship went to Francis Sherman.

• Henry Clark earned American Legion Oratorical scholarships in the amounts of $1,500, $3,000 and $6,500.

• The $1,500 American Society of Civil Engineers scholarships went to John Bernardo and  Judith Meiresonne.

• The Kayhi Alumni Scholarship award went to Judith Meiresonne ($1,500), Tessa Salazar ($1,500), Olivia Berg ($1,000), Maegan Chua ($1,000), Morgan Elerding ($1,000) and Jhenna Day ($1,000).

• Bob Terhar donated $1,000 to Nina Holman, $750 to Rachel Knight, $750 to John Bernardo and $500 to Robert Cope-Powell.

• The $500 Ketchikan Community scholarship went to Olivia Berg, John Bernardo, Rachelle Biggs, Charles Blair, Jared Caguiat, Maegan Chua, August Cooper, Remi Cothren, Amanda Dale, Jhenna Day, Morgan Elerding, Patrick Garcia, Rylee Geil, Joshua Gentry, Nina Holman, Kyan Kimberley, Rachel Knight, Delaney Neilson, Tessa Salazar, Tyler Slick, Jalen Smith, Mckenzie Williams and Carlee Zartman.

• Autumn Yoder was awarded the $1,000 Jump Start My Life scholarship from Tongass Federal Credit Union.

Evelyn Nutt won the $5,000 state Elks Club National Foundation scholarship, along with the $1,000 national foundation scholarship. Evelyn Nutt and Henry Clark each won a $500 local Elks Club scholarship.

• Tessa Salazar and Joshua Gentry each received $1,000 from the Fraternal Order of Eagles Aerial Scholarship Fund and Auxiliary.

• Jared Caguiat, Rachel Knight and Francis Sherman earned $500 from the Jodie Markowitz Fund.

• Judith Meirsonne, Morgan Elerding, Jhenna Day, Olivia Berg, Tessa Salazar and Joshua Gentry each earned a $1,000 Holland America Line/Princess Cruises scholarship.

• Jhenna Day and Judith Meiresonne both received $1,000 from the IBEW #1547 Bill Egan Scholarship.

• Jalen Smith and Alexis Jathen Antonio were awarded the $1,000 John Glenn Family scholarship.

• The Ketchikan Education Association gave scholarships to Destiny Chenhall ($500), Jalen Smith ($1,000), Robert Cope-Powell ($500) and Maegan Chua ($1,000).

• Maegan Chua earned the $500 Ketchikan Federal Executive Association Citizenship Award.

• Nina Holman and Judith Meirsonne each earned $500 Ketchikan Garden Club scholarships.

• Jhenna Day and Rachel Knight both were awarded the $10,000 Alaska Community Foundation scholarship.

• Rylee Geil earned a $300 scholarship from the Ketchikan Lions Club.

• Nina Holman and Delaney Neilson each earned a $500 Edna Bakken Memorial scholarship.

• Maegan Chua and Judith Meiresonne earned the $500 Francis and Alfred Baked Memorial scholarship.

• Sarah Short and Robert Cope-Powell were awarded the $1,000 Jerry Galley Memorial scholarship.

• Jalen Smith, Alexis Jathen Antonio, Kyan Kimberly, Rylee Geil earned the John Koel Memorial scholarship of $250.

• The $10,000 per semester ($80,000 total) Lund Family scholarship went to Francis Sherman, Dyllan Borer and Erica Rauwolf.

• The Kayhi Library Bibliomaniac Award was given to Cade McAllister and Judith Meiresonne.

• Charlie King earned the $1,000 Ketchikan Little League’s Larry Erickson Memorial Scholarship.

• Charlie King and Judith Meiresonne earned the $500 Ketchikan Ministerial Association scholarship.

• The Woodward-Patton Family scholarship went to Rachel Knight.

• Morgan Elerding and August Cooper won the $500 Memorial Nancy Mitchel scholarship.

• Maegan Chua and Jhenna Day each received the $1,000 “child of an employee” and the $1,500 “high school senior majoring in health care” PeaceHealth Ketchikan Medical Center scholarship.

• Olivia Berg was awarded the Elaine Caskey memorial scholarship.

• Judith Meiresonne earned the PEO Chapter A scholarship.

• The $25,000 PEO Chapter H Star scholarship was awarded to Tessa Salazar. The PEO Chapter H Helen Klepser scholarship went to Olivia Berg, Jhenna Day and Morgan Elerding. The PEO Chapter H Jean Keene scholarship was awarded to Maegan Chua, Rachel Knight, Judith Meiresonne and Autumn Yoder.

• McKenzie Williams, August Cooper and Morgan Elerding each won a $650 Pioneers of Alaska Women’s Igloo 7 award.

• The $4,000 Rural Alaska Pipeline scholarship were awarded to Maegan Chua and Lauren Scarzella. Olivia Berg and Jhenna Day each won a $500 scholarship.

• The $1,000 Rainy Day Quilters scholarship was awarded to Sarah Short.

• The $2,500 Calvin Boch scholarship went to Dyllan Borer and Chase Gillings.

• Nina Holman received the $1,000 Southeast Alaska Board of Realtors memorial scholarship.

• Tristan Dahl received the David E. Price Memorial scholarship.

• John Bernardo, Nina Holman, McKenzie Williams each won a $1,000 South Tongass Volunteer Fire Department scholarship.

• The Janice Stokes Memorial scholarship was awarded to Amanda Dale, Tyler Slick and Patrick Garcia.

• The Norm Ream scholarship went to Judith Meiresonne, Jhenna Day and Maegan Chua.

• The Liz Bowers ESL scholarship was awarded to John Bernardo ($700), Jaredval Caguiat ($700) and Alexis Jathen Antontio ($700).

• Morgan Elerding earned a $200 Distinguished Young Women fitness scholarship and a $500 runner-up DYW scholarship.

• Evelyn Nutt earned a $200 self-expression Distinguished Young Women scholarship, $200 academic DYW scholarship and a $200 interview DYW scholarship.

• Evelyn Nutt earned the $500 Alaska Engineering Foundation scholarship.

• Evelyn Nutt earned a $250 national award from the U.S. Academic Decathlon organization.

• Cashlie Guthrie earned the $25,000 national Horatio Alger scholarship.

• Judith Meiresonne earned a $100,000 scholarship offer to attend the Rinsler Polytechnical Institute. Meiresonne also earned a $1,000 scholarship for the Colorado School of Mines.

• Nina Holman and Riley Deal were awarded the $25,000 Alaska School Counselor Association scholarship.

• Evelyn Nutt earned the $6,000 (per semester) Hagan scholarship.

• The National Youth Science camp program opportunity was awarded to Judith Meiresonne.

• The $500 Hamilton Scholars program scholarship was awarded to Evelyn Nutt.

• The Sons of Norway Midnatsol Lodge 32 scholarship (worth $1,500) was awarded to Judith Meiresonne.

• Olivia Berg earned the $500 Masonic Lodge scholarship.

• Robert Cope-Powell and Sarah Short each earned a $1,000 Masonic Lodge Visual and Music Scholarship.

• Henry Clark earned a $120,000 scholarship to Pacific Lutheran University, along with other music and debate scholarships through the school. Clark also collected $750 from being named Alaska’s drama, debate and forensics student of the year.

• Evelyn Nutt earned the $5,000 Alex and Cornelia Family scholarship.

— Compiled by Daily News Staff Writer Raegan Miller.