Spelling Bee

From left, Vihaan Ven, Sarah Reynolds, Renee Blair and Seth Bowers were the final four contestants in Fawn Mountain Elementary School's annual spelling bee on Jan. 19. Fifth grader Sarah Reynolds was the spelling bee champion, with fifth-grader Seth Bowers as the runner-up. First grader Vihaan Ven and fifth grader Renee Blair successfully competed through the 18th round.  Photo courtesy of Fawn Mountain Elementary School

KETCHIKAN (KDN) — Fawn Mountain Elementary School fifth-grader Sarah Reynolds was named the school spelling bee champion at Fawn Mountain on Thursday, and will represent her school in the Ketchikan School District spelling bee in February.

The spelling bee was held via Zoom and consisted of 14 students who had won their classroom competitions, Fawn Mountain Principal Nick Higson wrote in an email to the Daily News.

 "The competition was tight, finally ending in the 20th round," Higson wrote.

The final four contestants were fifth-graders Seth Bowers, Renee Blair and Sarah Reynolds, and first-grader Vihaan Ven.

The students completed 17 rounds of the spelling bee before Blair and Ved were eliminated in the 18th round. Bowers was named runner-up after elimination in the 19th round, and will be Fawn Mountain's alternate competitor for the district bee.

"There were over 130 words spelled, and many, many hours of studying by all 14 participants," according to Higson.

The Ketchikan School District spelling bee is scheduled for Feb. 12.