Learning about the ins and outs of theater takes center stage for an hour every Thursday at Schoenbar Middle School.

That's when the newly created drama club meets, giving a handful of students the chance to explore acting, stagecraft and more technical aspects of theater before they decide if drama is something they'd like to pursue once they reach Ketchikan High School, which started up its own musical theater club almost two years ago.

Schoenbar teacher Dani Pratt started the group earlier this month.

"So Kayhi has done an awesome job, and they're done a couple musicals the last couple of years, and that's super exciting," Pratt told the Daily News during a Monday afternoon phone interview. "And I wanted to start a program to kind of bridge into that, to get that education started a little bit earlier."

Learning about theater is a vital part of a student's education, according to Pratt.

"An education in theater is an education in team-building," she said. "And no matter what you do in the future, being able to work as a cohesive part of a team is essential. So, I think that's really important."

Pratt hopes that the Schoenbar drama students will soon be able to partner with the Kayhi musical theater club to help produce performances.

The club's first meeting was held two weeks ago, and attracted four students. As of Monday, the group had grown to about eight members.

"They're very excited," Pratt said about the students. "They can't decide what they want to learn about theater, so we're kind of going to do a year-long crash course in everything. ...They want to learn to act and get rid of stage fright, so we're going to work on that, but they want to explore all the tech, as well."

For now, Pratt doesn't see a performance on the horizon for the group, although the club intends to start working on recorded monologues.

"As of right now, it's more of an educational space leading into the high school group," Pratt said.