Ketchikan Charter School will hold its continuation ceremony for the eighth-grade class of 2021 in early June.

During a Tuesday afternoon phone interview, KCS principal Kayla Livingston told the Daily News that if the community’s COVID-19 situation does not improve, the continuation event will be held outside on June 3 with a limited number of attendees.

If educators and health officials decide that the risk level can be lowered — based on input from Ketchikan School District and Emergency Operations Center officials — the event may be moved indoors to the KCS gym, although spectators will still be limited due to the size of the gym, according to Livingston.

“We’re hoping that the numbers go down so we can do it quick(ly) in the gym,” Livingston said. “If we don’t go down (in levels), then I’ll have to figure out something outside, probably underneath the building.”

At the current community risk level, the Ketchikan EOC advises that indoor gatherings do not exceed 20 people. Livingston noted that with 15 eighth-graders and two tickets per student, the event could not happen within those guidelines.

Regardless of the risk level, each student will be able to invite two individuals to the continuation, which will be similar to the event held for the KCS continuation in 2020.

“And it will be set up kind of like we did last year, where we have individual cupcakes in threes, so that the student and the two individuals that come to watch get a cupcake, and it’s COVID compliant,” Livingston explained. “And we’ll just have where I welcome (attendees), the students will deliver speeches about KCS memories, the staff will give away awards, there will be a speech by the valedictorian, and then a certificate of completion.”