The Ketchikan High School drama, debate and forensics team will host six visiting schools for the regional DDF tournament on Saturday.

Teams from Metlakatla, Mt. Edgecumbe, Juneau, Haines, Skagway and Sitka will compete against Kayhi in the tournament, which begins on Friday and continues all day Saturday.

The tournament will include many different events, ranging from public forum debates to dramatic acting activities and extemporaneous speaking events.

“It’s kind of chaotic,” coach David Mitchel told the Daily News about the tournament.

Mitchel said that hosting the meet at Kayhi, and having to fill the spots of over 100 volunteer judges for the event, has kept him busy as the organizer.

“The students are kind of on their own,” Mitchel said. “Where usually you’re kind of coaching them before and during the event, watching them in the rooms, this one I just basically run the meet. And they figure it out on their own.”

Mitchel said he believes Kayhi’s 25-person team is “very strong” this year.

“I think it’s a great group,” Mitchel said.

The team includes Dawson Abel, Ashley Anzueto, Henry Clark, Jasmine Cole, Kamryn Craig, Amanda Dale, Jordan Geary, Matous Hofmeister, Axel Hugo, Jackson Kaye, Caden Mattson, Savannah Nieshe, Conner O’Bryan, Bella Roberts, Brendan Roof, Evelyn Nutt, Francis Sherman, Phillip Smith, Evelyn Staples, Carter Thomas, Jared Valentine, Nicole West, Dametre Martin, Connor Wodehouse and Braxton Zink.

Senior Brendan Roof has been on the DDF team for three years. He originally joined on the suggestion of the school counselor.

“I’ve never enjoyed a class more so than this one,” Roof said. “It offers something for every student in Kayhi.”

Senior Jackson Kaye has been on the team for two years, and originally joined because many of his friends were on the team.

“This year it’s been a really fun experience,” Kaye said.

Ketchikan High School also will send team members to Juneau for the state meet scheduled in February.

More information about volunteering as a judge in this weekend’s event is available on the Ketchikan School District’s website at: www.kgbsd/ddf.