KETCHIKAN (KDN) — Ketchikan High School's drama, debate and forensics team participated in a virtual home meet on Friday and Saturday.

Kayhi competed against teams from Metlakatla, Mt. Edgecumbe, Thunder Mountain, Sitka, Skagway, Homer and Whitestone, according to a Monday email from Kayhi DDF coach David Mitchel.

"The Kayhi students and teams performed very well, with all teams going .500 or better, and many students making great strides in their individual growth," Mitchel wrote.

The topic of the meet's public forum debate was "the State of Alaska should eliminate the PFD."

"In preparing, they also had an opportunity to interview current state Rep. Dan Ortiz (I-Ketchikan) and Terry Gardiner, Ketchikan's state representative and Alaska Speaker of the House when the Permanent Fund and PFD were created," Mitchel said.

The Kayhi results of the DDF regional meet, according to Mitchel, were as follows.

Public forum debate

• Second place: Bella Kershaw and Francis Sherman.

• Third place: Henry Clark and Eddie Gomez.

• Fifth place: Tristan Dahl and Ashley Anzueto.

• Eighth place: Nicole West and Phillip Smith.

• Ninth place: Evelyn Nutt and Kamryn Craig.

Mitchel noted that teams with a three-win — three-loss record included Braxton Zink and Lauren Olson and Jocelyn Cannon and Jaden Stern. Kayhi solo competitors Lee Sanchez, Liam Uruquart and Chloe Gosnell had the same record.

Speaker Points

• Third place: Henry Clark.

• Fifth place: Evelyn Nutt.

• Sixth place: Francis Sherman.

• Seventh place: Bella Kershaw.

• 10th place: Tristan Dahl.

Extemporaneous Speaking

• First place: Francis Sherman.

• Sixth place: Braxton Zink.

Extemporaneous Commentary

• First place: Jaden Stern.

• Third place: Nicole West.

• Fifth place: Eddie Gomez.

• Sixth place: Chloe Gosnell.

Informative Speaking

• Third place: Kamryn Craig.

Original Oratory

• First place: Bella Kershaw.

Mitchel also wrote that he appreciated "all of the local judges who spent the time and energy to figure out how to judge virtually."

The next virtual regional meet is slated for Jan. 29 and 30, with a state tournament to follow in February.