Evelyn Nutt

Ketchikan High School senior Evelyn Nutt competes in a Southeast Regional Academic Decathlon tournament on Friday at the Kayhi Library. Staff photo by Dustin Safranek

The members of Ketchikan High School's academic decathlon team performed well at the final regional meet of the season despite a small roster, and now has its sights set on the state tournament next month.

The meet was held virtually last week on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, with decathletes from Craig and Juneau-Douglas high schools to competing against the nine-person Kayhi team.

Under the overarching theme of The Cold War, the students completed tests and essays in the areas of science, social science, art, music, literature and economics. The students also competed in events involving speeches and interviews.

"Our second and final regional meet of the year went very smoothly and successfully this past week," wrote Kayhi's team coach Peter Stanton in a weekend email to the Daily News.

"There were Craig and Juneau Douglas High School decathletes that did very well, but I would say that I am extremely proud and impressed with my team's performance at this meet," Stanton wrote. "This year's Kayhi team is small, but for being such a small group, they have an incredibly diverse array of interests and abilities, and they complement each other's strengths extraordinarily well."

Stanton provided the results of the meet to the Daily News via email.

• Evelyn Nutt placed first overall at the meet. She also came in first in music and science; second in economics, literature and math; fourth in art and essay; sixth in social science; ninth in speech; and 10th in interview.

• Matthew Nutt came in fourth place overall. He also took first place in economics and essay; second in social science; third in math, science and music; sixth in literature; and seventh in art.

• Sarah Short claimed seventh place at the meet. Short also took third place in art and essay, fifth in literature, seventh in interview, eighth in social science and speech, and 10th in music and science.

• Franchezca Correa placed second in art, fifth in science, seventh in economics, and 10th in social science and math.

• Elliot Yoder scored fourth place in science, fifth in math, sixth in social science, seventh in economics, and 10th in math and social science.

• Logan Cope-Powell claimed third place in literature, fifth in art and music, seventh in social science, eighth in economics, and ninth in science.

• August Cooper took first place in social science, seventh place in literature, eighth place in science, and ninth place in art.

• Austin Ronquillo came in sixth place in math and social science, seventh in science, eighth in music, and ninth in essay.

• Sandra Johnston took ninth place in social science.

The state tournament will be held virtually on Feb. 25 and Feb. 26.

"I am really looking forward to seeing how much work they will put in over the next month to compete in the state tournament," Stanton wrote.