Ketchikan High School's academic decathlon team will be the only Alaska school participating in the Irving Independent School District Invitational Academic Decathlon meet on Saturday.

The Irving, Texas-based school district is the host of the meet, and schools from Ohio, Arizona, Wisconsin and Georgia also have signed on to compete, Kayhi team coach Peter Stanton wrote to the Daily News on Monday.

Some teams are competing virtually while others will be at the event in person.

Stanton expects Kayhi will be facing some tough competition in the meet.

"I do not expect that our Kayhi decathletes will get many top scores in this tournament, because Texas is such a highly competitive state in Academic Decathlon, and other visiting teams are highly successful national teams," Stanton wrote in his Monday email. "However, I do think it will be a great experience for our team, both the veterans and new recruits, to measure themselves against some of the best teams in the country. I think they'll be able to set a great baseline for the rest of the season based on this competition, and I hope the results will encourage them to set ambitious study goals to prepare for our Southeast regional tournament in Juneau in December, the state virtual scrimmage in January, and then ultimately the state tournament in Anchorage in February."

Due to the time zone differences, the Kayhi team may take some of the tests on Friday afternoon instead of early Saturday morning. The event includes seven tests and a super quiz.

Kayhi's team is captained by junior Francheza Correa and senior Sandra Johnston. In addition to Correa and Johnston, the roster for Saturday's meet includes juniors Logan Cope-Powell, Stephen Weston, Elliot Yoder and Rebecca Hartman, and senior Nicole West.

"The team is relatively small right now, but we are still hoping to recruit more decathletes for the rest of the season," Stanton wrote.