Ketchikan High School Assistant Principal Cole Maxwell

Cole Maxwell. Photo courtesy of Jason House

Ketchikan High School Assistant Principal Cole Maxwell has been named the Region V Assistant Principal of 2022 by the Alaska Association of Secondary School Principals.

The designation makes Maxwell eligible to apply for the AASSP Alaska Assistant Principal of the Year award, according to a recent announcement from the organization, sent to the Daily News on Friday by Kayhi Principal Jason House.

Maxwell was nominated for the award by anonymous colleagues at Kayhi, and told the Daily News during a Thursday morning phone interview that he felt humbled and honored to be selected.

"I mean, it's one of those things where you don't get into education for the glory," Maxwell said. "So, you know, to get a little recognition, it's pretty cool."

Maxwell plans to move forward with submitting the registration information to be considered Alaska Assistant Principal of the Year.

"Of course I will do that," Maxwell said. "So that Region V has a representative in that pool."

And House "wasn't the least bit surprised" to hear of Maxwell's designation, House told the Daily News during a separate interview.

"I feel really privileged to have inherited Cole, so to speak," House explained. "'Cause when I came on board as principal, he was already well-established at Kayhi. So his depth of knowledge of the school and the school district and the needs of our school and community, and really this has been instrumental in supporting them."

"I'm just really honored to be a part of his team and get to work with him every day," House said.

A virtual event recognizing Maxwell will be held on Dec. 3.