The U.S. Academic Decathlon recently announced that the theme of the 2022-23 competitive AcDc season will be "The American Revolution and the New Nation." 
This school year's theme was "Water: A Most Essential Resource," and Kayhi's team ended the season in February with a fourth-place spot in the state tournament, which was held virtually.
The upcoming theme will be reflected in all 10 events that make up AcDc competition. 
In the art event, students will "explore early American art," according to USAD materials, while economics will focus on "fundamental economic concepts, microeconomics and macroeconomics and will include a thematic section of colonial and early American economic history."
Students will read a mix of longer and shorter works for the literature event, and the longer work will be either "Wieland" or "The Transformation, An American Tale," both authored by Charles Brockden Brown, according to USAD. 
Trigonometry and algebra will be the focus of the mathematics portion of the competition, and the music curriculum will "present an introduction to early American music," according to USAD.
In the science category, students will be introduced to chemistry and chemistry discoveries made during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.
Social science will broadly center around the founding of the United States. 
Peter Stanton, a Kayhi teacher and the team's coach, wrote to the Daily News on Thursday that he thinks the theme has potential to be a great fit for his squad.
"In my experience, the most successful Academic Decathlon themes are clear, concrete regions of the world or historical time periods, not more abstract concepts like 'energy and innovation' (2015), 'in sickness and in health' (2020), or this past year's 'water,'" Stanton wrote. 
In 2018, Stanton noted, Kayhi concluded its season with state and national championships during a season that focused on Africa. 
In 2010, when Kayhi took home a second-place state finish, the theme was the French Revolution, and in 2017, Kayhi again earned second-place at state with a World War II theme. 
"Hopefully the team can repeat that kind of historical success this next year," Stanton continued. "A few team members who are planning to return next year have already expressed their enthusiasm about the theme to me, and a few graduating seniors and former decathletes have expressed their jealousy." 
Stanton is due to have a sabbatical from Kayhi during the upcoming school year as he works on penning a book, and a head coach for the AcDc team has not yet been announced.