FAIRBANKS (AP) — A group of women is asking University of Alaska Fairbanks administrators to launch an investigation into salary equity and other issues at the university.

The letter was drafted by six women working and studying at the university, the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner reported Monday.

They sent the letter after receiving input from a group of 20 women. A corresponding petition also has more than 200 signatures.

Lily Cohen, a researcher for the International Arctic Research Center who helped draft the letter, said the university is an equal opportunity employer but has significant salary disparities between men and woman.

“Of the highest salaries, $4.5 million go to men and $500,000 go to women,” she said. “When I see these numbers, it says there’s something fundamentally wrong.”

The women also demanded university leadership training to better understand stereotypes and bias and a formalized mentorship program.

Chancellor Dan White said he and the university take the women’s issues seriously.

“I’m frankly quite happy about this group’s effort to bring diversity to the forefront,” White said. “We’re going to take some action. You’ll see in the letter I send to the authors.”

The women asked the university to respond to their letter by Wednesday.