The Cleaners moves to Highliner location building

Patrons walk out of The Highliner on Sept. 22. Staff photo by Taylor Balkom

There is indeed still a dry cleaners in the First City.

In January, The Cleaners dry cleaning business — previously located at 636 Stedman St. — merged into the Highliner Laundromat building at 2703 Tongass Ave.

“Surprisingly, I still have people coming up to me saying things like, ‘Oh bummer, Ketchikan doesn’t have a dry cleaners (anymore),’” Kelli Carlin-Auger said in an email to the Daily News.

Her husband, Jack Auger, owner of both businesses, said it has saved him a lot of money by merging the businesses.

“Water and sewer is a big issue in Ketchikan now, it’s very expensive,” Jack Auger explained. “I pay about $1,600 a month for water and sewer. That’s a lot, so we have to put a lot of quarters in a machine to make up for that amount.”

Not only is he saving money, but he’s saving time, as well. Instead of running from one end of town to the other if someone loses a quarter in a machine, he just has to walk to the front of the building.

Jack Auger said he knows everyone who comes into his business, as he was born and raised in Ketchikan, and he looks forward to seeing old friends and catching up.

“We’re just here to serve the community, we’re the only dry cleaners (and the) only laundromat in Ketchikan,” Jack Auger said. “We have new machines, we’re constantly bringing in new machines so it’s more efficient and easier for everybody that comes in the door.”

The laundromat portion is open from 7:30 a.m. until 9 p.m. seven days a week, and the dry cleaning section is open from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

The Highliner Laundromat and Dry Cleaners, as it is now named, is located at 2703 Tongass Ave.