Mathew Beardsley shows a tapestry for sale

Shop owner Mathew Beardsley shows a tapestry for sale on Tuesday at Gemini Crystal Wizard on Tongass Avenue. Staff photo by Dustin Safranek

There's a new place to find items for "metaphysical healing" in Ketchikan.

The Gemini Crystal Wizard, located at 1601 Tongass Avenue, opened in mid-July.

The business focuses on providing a space for Ketchikan residents to connect with each other and find spiritual objects with personal meaning, without having to shop online, owner Mathew Beardsley told the Daily News during a recent interview.

Beardsley has lived in Ketchikan most of his life, but moved back to the First City about six months ago after spending several years in Oregon and Washington. Soon after his return to Ketchikan, he began working to establish the Gemini Crystal Wizard.

"It's metaphysical energy healing," Beardsley explained. "So I have lots of loose stones and crystals, and I provide all the metaphysical properties of how they can help you with pain, emotional (issues), all sorts of aspects of your life. There's many, many stones."

Among the Gemini Crystal Wizard store's inventory are healing stones and crystals, Tibetan sound bowls, tarot cards and spiritually meaningful jewelry.

"It's just like a good energy, good vibes store," Beardsley said.

He was introduced to the concept of metaphysical healing by a friend who managed a similar store in the Lower 48.

"I started spending more time there and I just fell in love with, you know, the atmosphere, the camaraderie, the community," Beardsley said.

He knew that the feeling was one he wanted to bring to Ketchikan, where such a store hadn't been in operation for some time. The process of coming to that realization, Beardsley said, was something like serendipity.

"I woke up one morning and said, 'I'm going to do it,'" he explained. "And within three days I drove by and saw the lease sign."

Beardsley completed the lease on the space at 1601 Tongass in three days, and filled the store with inventory in four months.

"I have a bad hip and I haven't really been able to work," he said. "And I was just tired of not working. And I'm excited that this is what I wanted to do."

Beardsley, currently the store's sole staff member, said that the community has been supportive of the new business.

"I can't describe how happy people are," he said. "I've had people come in the store and get tears and they're emotional because they've been waiting to have a store like this."

The types of spiritual objects in Beardsley's store can be ordered online, but he explained that the selection of a metaphysical object is a meaningful experience better done in-person.

"You don't know what you're getting (online)," Beardsley explained. "You don't quite get to feel the energy of that stone or that crystal before you get to purchase it."

Beardsley aims to keep the store's inventory ever-changing, so there's always plenty of new things to experience.

"It's not just a metaphysical store, it's a metaphysical place where the energy is always free and you're always welcome to come down," he said.