ANCHORAGE (AP) — Alaska's biggest ski resort is set to operate this season with a new operations plan that includes health precautions like mandatory face coverings.

Alyeska Resort in Girdwood cut the last ski season short because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Alaska Public Media reported  Friday.

"No mask, no service here at Alyeska Resort," Marketing Director Ben Napolitano said. "That includes all public spaces, that includes lift lines, and that includes being inside the aerial tramway as well."

Skiers will be allowed to temporarily remove masks only while moving down the slopes, Napolitano said.

Skiers will no longer be allowed to get close to strangers on chairlifts or while using the resort's tram system. Lines to board the lifts and tram will be configured to encourage social distancing.

"Inside the tram we'll have a reduced capacity per tram car, as well as sanitizing between rides," Napolitano said. "And for the quad chairlifts, we will be loading them as twos, unless the group is a family and have arrived together."

Reservations will be required for equipment rentals and the gear will be sanitized daily.

Alyeska's day lodge will be closed this winter and the resort plans to limit cash transactions.

The resort's opening day will depend upon snow conditions.